4 miles north of Bristol city centre on the A38 main Bristol Gloucester road.

Filton Airfield was created in 1911 and was the home of the Bristol Aeroplane Company. Overs the years planes such as the WW I Bristol Fighter, the WW2 Blenheim & Beaufighter, the Britannia airliner, and Concorde, have been built at the factories on the airfield site (today known as BAe Systems and Rolls-Royce).

During WW II it also housed an RAF squadron, and tarmac runways were constructed. On the 27th October 1945 the Bristol Aeroplane Company Motor Sports Club (club membership being restricted to company employees) ran a 0.5 mile sprint on the taxiways at the north-eastern end of the airfield. The course included one fast right hand bend between the control tower and some hangars. This was only the second competitive speed event to held in the UK under an RAC permit following the end of WWII, and the first on a sealed surface. No spectators were admitted, but 100 cars and motorcycles were entered. Fastest time of the day was set by Bob Gerard, ERA (68.5 mph), & fastest motorcycle was St John Horsfall, 998 Vincent. No other motor sport events have since been held on the airfield.

Thanks to Peter Stowe of BA Motor Club for this information

Sprint Results

Sports Motorcycles under 250cc
1 T.Wood                30.4s
2 J.A.McLachlan         32.8
3 J.F.Saunders          32.9

Sports Motorcycles unlimited
1 St.J.Horsfall         27.6s
2 I.G.McLeod            32.2
3 F.Whitehouse          33.1

Racing Motorcycles under 350cc
1 T.Wood29.4s
2 C.A.Dickens           29.5
3 R.Good                31.5

Racing Motorcycles unlimited
1 St.J.Horsfall         27.4s
2 T.Wood                27.5
3 J.Mountford           28.6

Sportscars under 1100cc
1 A.W.Morrish           MG 847cc                36.2s
2 D.F.Allen             Austin 747cc            46.8
3 Flt Lt A.R.Mallock    Austin 747cc            48.0

Sportscars under 1500cc
1 F.R.Gerard            Riley Sprite 1496cc     33.0s
2 K.V.Baillie-Hill      HRG 1496cc              33.2
3 R.E.Richards          Rover 1496cc            35.0
?                       Singer Le Mans 
? McCormack             Frazer-Nash

Sportscars unlimited
1 L.Parker              Jaguar 100 3485cc       31.6s
2 K.V.Baillie-Hill      HRG 1496cc              32.6
3 F.R.Gerard            Riley Sprite 1496cc     33.1
? H.Rowson              Invicta 4500cc
? Northway              Jaguar Coupe
? S.Allard              Ford V8

Racing Cars 1100cc
1 J.M.Dowson                                    32s
2 W.O.Watkins           Watkins-Nash 996cc      32.7
3 D.Poore               MG R-Type 746cc         34.2

Racing Cars 1500cc
1 F.R.Gerard            ERA                     26.3
2 W.O.Watkins           Watkins-Nash 996cc      32.7
3 D.Poore               MG R-Type 746cc         34.3

Racing Cars unlimited
1 F.R.Gerard            ERA                     27.1
2 J.M.Bolster           Bloody Mary 1962cc      29.9
3 S.Allard              Allard 3622cc           31.0
4 K.Burgess                                     31

Bristol Evening Post, Saturday 27th October 1945
Motor Sport, December 1945