Eastern Creek Raceway

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Australian Racing Drivers Club Ltd
PO Box 6747
Blacktown DC
New South Wales 2148

Tel: (61) 2 96721000
Fax: (61) 2 96720208

E-mail: racedept@eastern-creek-raceway.com
Web: http://www.eastern-creek-raceway.com

Circuit Lengths: 1.740 miles / 2.442 miles.

The ARDC has been organising race meetings in Australia since the 1950s, and owned Amaroo Park before selling the circuit to concentrate on activities at Eastern Creek. It was officially opened on the 10th November 1990.

The circuit had originally been proposed as a 4.2 km track shown blow, but the final length was reduced to 3.93 km length and a different layout built after difficulties were encountered purchasing the necessary land.

In 2008 plans were announced to extend the circuit to 2.9 miles and to change the direction of the circuit from anticlockwise to clockwise. The plans included three interlinked tracks offering six permutations, of which three could be used simultaneously. The 2.8 mile variant shown below was eventually built by 2012, and the circuit renamed Sydney Motorsport Park.

Additional map showing all link roads