Dunholme Lodge

Located four miles north of Lincoln between the A15 and the A46, Dunholme Lodge was a World War II base used for Lancaster bombers between May 1943 and 30th November 1944. It was then used for gliders, but was closed due to it being too close to other airfields.

It was after this that the airbase was used occasionally for motor-cycle racing on a 3.7 mile circuit. On the 9th October 1948, during a motor-cycle meet, a race for 500cc cars (the prospective Formula 3) was held over 8 laps, the race being won by Stirling Moss at an average speed of 78.56 mph.

In 1959 the airbase was recommissioned to house 141 squadron, equipped with Bloodhound SAM missiles. The airbase was closed in 1964, and has been disused ever since, with most of the facilities dismantled.