The first circuit, used in 1953. It was a 1.8 mile street circuit around the city's wharf area, which is why it was known as the Wharf Circuit.

This is the second version of the Wharf Circuit, used from 1954. For 1957, the circuit underwent modifiction, with the overbridge being cut out. For 1958, the overbridge was put back in but Burns Street and Rattray Street were cut out. This meant that at the end of Ward Street the cars turned left and right into Tewsley Street, then left into Willis Street and back onto the pit straight.

This 1.6 mile circuit was used for an international meeting in 1960, and for national racing between 1961 and 1962. It was located near Anderson's Bay Road and the Oval sports ground, and was known colloquially as the Andy Bay Road circuit, the Oval Circuit and the Cemetery Circuit.

A 1.5 mile circuit in an industrial area between the previously mentioned circuits was used for a one off national meeting in 1965.

Another street track near the first circuit was used for historic meetings from 1984.