Calder Park

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PO Box 46
Victoria 3083

Tel: (61) 39 217 8800
Fax: (61) 39 217 8960


Track Lengths:  1.140 miles (Oval)
                1.000 miles/1.417 miles/2.620 miles (Road courses)

The 1.0 mile circuit was opened in January 1962, built by Pat Hawthorn and Jim Houlahan. It was soon turned over top Jim Pascoe, a Melbourne businessman who had part financed the circuit, for managing. It was acquired by Bob Jane in 1974, and from 1980 to 1984 it held the Australian Grand Prix. In the late 1980s the circuit was extensively redeveloped with the addition of a banked oval speedway (called the Thunderdome) and an extension to the road circuit.