Buenos Aires


Pre-1995 Circuit Maps

Autodromo Municipal De La Cuidad De Buenos Aires
Automovil Club Argentino
Avenue De Liberator
Buenos Aires 1850

Tel: +802 6061/69, 802 7061/60

The circuit was originally named the October 17 Autodrome, having been built to celebrate President Peron's rise to power, and was opened on March 9th, 1952.

The number 2 circuit (2.431 miles) was used for the 1953-60 Grands Prix, the number 9 circuit (2.079 miles) for the 1972-73 Grands Prix, and the number 15 circuit (3.709 miles) for the 1974-81 Grands Prix.

The Buenos Aires 1000 km

Between 1954 and 1962, the Buenos Aires 1000km was held in the city. The first race, held in 1954, was held on a 9.476km circuit which performed an almost complete lap of the 1952 Grand Prix track before proceeding up and down Avenida General Paz. This is shown in the second map above. The 1954 race was run anticlockwise, the 1956, 1958 and 1960 races clockwise.

For 1955, the track was extended down the Autopista General Riccheri, giving a track length of 17.136km, shown in the third map above.

In 1957, a different location was used, the Circuito de la Costanera Norte, which was adjacent to the airport. This was a 10.219km circuit, and is shown in the first map above.

The Retiro Circuit

The Retiro Circuit was used for the 1941 and 1947 Buenos Aires GP.

The Palermo Circuit

The 4.865 km Palermo Circuit was used for the 1949 Gran Premio Internacional Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

Circuito Callejero de Buenos Aires

Originally planned as a 3.600 km circuit (top left), it opened as a 3.008 km circuit (top right) first used for a round of the Super TC2000 series on the 1st April 2012. A different 2.780 km circuit (bottom left) was used for the March 2013 event, the circuit running along Libertador and Figueroa Alcorta avenues from Ayacucho to Tagle streets.

A 2.407 km circuit in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, used for a Formula E race on the 10th January 2015. It was designed by Santiago Garcia Remohi.