Europe's first permanent race circuit was opened on 17th July 1907 twenty miles south of London at Weybridge. It was built at a cost of 150,000 by H.F.Locke King on his own estate. Liberal use of hay bales allowed various circuit layouts to be tried, but four main circuits were used. The circuit closed for World War II, never to reopen. Today a large part of the circuit still exists (it has been designated a World Heritage site), with the Vickers straight being built on, and the club house is now a museum.

Banked Outer Circuit
Used: 1907-1939
Length: 2.767 miles
Record: John Cobb (Napier Railton), 1m09.44, 143.451 mph

Mountain Circuit
Length: 1.17 miles
Record: Raymond Mays (ERA), 84.31mph

Campbell Circuit
Used: 1937-1939
Length: 2.267 miles
Record: Raymond Mays (ERA), 77.79mph

Grand Prix Circuit
Used: 1926-1927
Length: 2.616 miles
Record: Henry Segrave (Talbot 700), 1m49.5, 80.006mph

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