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Automotodrom Brno
656-98 Brno
PO Box 98

Tel: 0042 5762345     Fax: 0042 5762131

Track length: 3.352 miles

Originally an 18.109 mile/29.1 km road circuit, the old pits and barriers of which can still be seen, Brno is now a more bland purpose built motorsport complex built to attract modern formula racing. Called the Masaryk Circuit after the first president of Czechoslovakia, it opened on the 28th September 1930, and hosted races throughout the 1930s. The first alterations to the original circuit came in 1949, when a connecting road from Zebetin to Popuvky was built, reducing the length to 11.061 miles, and just to confuse everyone, the racing direction was changed from anti-clockwise to clockwise. In 1964, a link road bypassing Zebetin was used, reducing the length to 8.663 miles, followed by a further shortening to 6.789 miles in 1975 when a new road was built to link the start to Kohoutovice. This circuit was still used by the European Touring Car Championship until the new Automotodrom was built in 1986, and first opened in 1987.