Boreham was an American wartime airfield created during the period 1943-1944 by the felling of large amounts of woodland. 130,000 tons of concrete were laid to construct three one-mile runways, and the airfield opened in March 1944. The base was closed in 1945, and motor-racing events were held from 1949 onwards, a 3.0 mile/4.28km circuit being used. The circuit increasingly lost money, and after the International Festival was held in 1952, no further races were held. The circuit was acquired by Ford in 1955, and moved its motorsport arm there in 1963. The circuit itself was removed in 1996 so that the gravel beneath it could be mined and sold, but it was still used by Ford, and in 1997 Stewart used the venue for shakedown runs of its new F1 car.