Barcelona (Montmeló)

Corner Names
1. Elf. Next long bend is called Renault.
2. Repsol.
3. Seat.
4. Würth.
5. Campsa.
6. Nissan.
7. La Caixa.
8. Banc de Sabadell.

Circuit De Catalunya
Mas La Moreneta
Montmeló (Barcelona)
Apartat de Correus 27 08160

Tel: +571 9700     Fax: +3572 3061

Main Track:

Track Length: 4.727km
Minimum Width: 11m
Number of bends: 13
Bends to the left: 5
Bends to the right: 8
Length of main straight: 1.047km
Width of main straight: 12m
Number of pits: 40 (each 6m x 8m)

The track can be split into two smaller circuits, one of which is used for a racing school and demonstration sessions (the light blue track).

School Circuit details:
Track Length: 1.703km
Minimum Width: 11m
Number of bends: 7
Bends to the left: 2
Bends to the right: 5

The national circuit is used for a variety of car and bike races.

National Circuit details:
Track Length: 3.067km
Minimum width: 11m
Number of bends: 10
Bends to the left: 3
Bends to the right: 7
Chicanes: 1
Length of main straight: 862m
Width of main straight: 12m

The circuit complex was first opened in 1991.

The final corner (shown left) was reprofiled in 2001. The track underwent further reprofiling during the winter of 2003, with La Caixa being tightened in order to "improve" overtaking. At the same time, 500 metres of the main straight was resurfaced, and the outside walls at Repsol and SEAT were moved back. The changes are shown in the following diagram.

These changes weren't enough, and the new generation of V8 F1 cars were easily taking the corners flat and there wasn't enough run off at the exit. So, over the winter of 2006/07 a chicane was inserted before the final corner. The change is shown in the map below.