Pre-2006 circuit on the left, 2006 onwards on the right.

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Circuit van Drenthe
TT Bureau
Stadsbroek 13
9405 BK Assen
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 592 321321
Fax: +31 592 356911

Assen was first used in 1925, and has been used every since except the war years of 1940-45. Until 1854 the Dutch TT at Assen was held on public roads, but in 1955 a purpose-built 7.7 km circuit was constructed. It was then used once a year every year for the Dutch TT until the 1970s.

The circuit underwent a series of modifications from 1998 onwards. The infrastructure was the first to be modified, followed by the circuit itself in 2001. The end of the Strubben corner and the Veenslang main straight up to the Stekkenwal corner was renewed and situated 50 metres more eastwards. At the southern part of the track, the Mandeveen and Duikersloot corners were moved some 10 metres inwards, to create a longer run-off area and gravel beds. The rest of the circuit was resurfaced, and the new track length was 6.027 km. However, the circuit underwent more drastic modifications over the winter of 2005/2006, shortening itself to the 4.555 km circuit shown above right.