Windellama/Bungonia Circuit

The first Australian Motorcyle Grand Prix was held over four laps of a triangular, 49.10 mile course going from the outskirts of Goulburn south to Windellama, north to Bungonia and back to Goulburn in 1924. The course is highlighted in red above.

Goulburn Racecourse

Held what is sometimes called the "Australian Grand Prix" for cars in 1927, more of a sprint event in which pairs of cars competed against each other. Course was over the horse racing course.

Collector Circuit

The Yarra-Breadalbane-Collector circuit held the 1914, 1915 and 1919 Tourist Trophy races, and was located just to the west of the Windellama circuit. It was 29.20 miles long.

Parkesbourne Circuit

6.650 mile circuit located to the north of the Collector circuit, used for the 1929 and 1930 Tourist Trophy races.