Asian Hillclimbs

Brick Hill, Hong Kong

Located in between Ocean Park and Aberdeen, used in 1971.

Gap Hillclimb, Singapore

First run in 1927 and 1928 for motorcycles over a 1660 yard course, with a car demonstration run in 1928. A car event was hosted competitively in 1929, but the course was not then used again until 1939, when a shorter 880 yard course was used. It was used again in 1940.

Golden Hill, Hong Kong

A 900 yd long course which started just after the dam across the Kowloon Reservoir (start and finish are marked approximately in red on the map). It was used for the Hong Kong Hill Climb Championship in the late 1960s until 1971.

Gopeng Hillclimb, Malaya

Used on the 24th March 1940.

Ha Tsuen, Hong Kong

Located in the New Territories near Lau Fo Shan between Maipo and Castle Peak. It was used from 1971 onwards.

Jubilee Reservoir, Hong Kong

Used between 1954 and 1966, it was located Tsuen Wan, and is now known as Shing Mun.

Karandupona, Sri Lanka

Hillclimb used on the 14th September 1952 by the Ceylon MSC.

Lye Yue Mun, Hong Kong

Located on an army barracks of the same name. The parade grounds was used as the paddock and was at the top of the assent, and the climb was based on a service road which was used for a land based torpedo system - the torpedo was to be fired down a tube from the top of the hull and would exit at the bottom into the sea and on to its target. It was used from 1970 to about 1974.

Oodoowerre Estate, Sri Lanka

A tea plantation which was the site of a hillclimb at Easter 1950.

Wong Nei Chong Gap, Hong Kong

Located on the road which crosses the hills between Happy Valley and Repulse Bay, where the Hong Kong Parkview development is now located. It was about 800 yards long, and was used until 1970.