The Ards track starts on the main Belfast to Newtownards Road, half a mile down the road from the village of Dundonald. 300 metres later the track turns left (Quarry Corner) to Glen Hill, passing a water mill through a series of sweeping bends to the Ballyrogan horse-trough and then on to Cree's Corner at the top of Bradshaw's Brae. Next was a steep downhill section with seven bends within half a mile leading to a half-mile straight and a railway bridge, which lead to Regent Street through the town of Newtownards. Next was a 90 degree right turn past the Town Hall into Conway Square, exiting through South Street towards Comber. The road was then flat and straight, passing over a level crossing and on into the sqaure of Comber and "Butcher's Shop Corner", where there was a 90 degree right hand turn. A second right angle right led out of the town and under Carstand Bridge. The course then twisted and turned for four miles, past Ballystockart Bridge to the hairpin at Dundonald, where it turned left after a short straight back to Dundonald.