Albert Park

The original Albert Park circuit was a 3.124 mile (5.019 km) circuit first used for the 1953 Australian GP, held on November 21st and won by Doug Whiteford in a 4.5 litre Lago Talbot. Racing was held through until the end of 1958, when local anti-racing campaigners and local elections conspired together. The circuit remained closed until the new F1 circuit was constructed.

[track map]

5.269 kilometre race track run in a clockwise direction, opened for the Australian GP on March 10th 1996. It remained in this configuration until 2020.

5.278 km long, the circuit was resurfaced and reprofiled, with the previous Turn 9-10 corner being eased to make a faster section to ease overtaking for Formula 1. The previous turn 13 was also made wider with additional camber. The changes were put in place for 2021, but the F1 race was postponed to 2022 due to Covid.