Located around 30 km south of Luanda on the road to Barra do Cuanza, the Luanda circuit was an anti-clockwise circuit which opened on the 28th May 1972. It was designed by Brazilian architect Ayrton Cornelson, who also was involved with Estoril. The circuit was soon abandoned when the civil war broke out, but was used later for club racing.

The above map shows all of the layouts together. There were five variants used:

  • 3.208 km/1.993 mile oval.
  • unknown length, but used most of the oval and the triangular section at the top of the map.
  • The following three variants all turn left into the infield off the oval at the top right of the map:

  • 4.414 km/2.743 miles
  • 5.780 km/3.592 miles
  • 6.280 km/3.902 miles