Williamson, Roger (GB)

b 4/2/1949 (Leicester) - d 29/7/1973 (Zandvoort)

1968 - Mini racing: won 14 races
1970 - Won 1000cc class of Hepolite Glazier championship
1971 - British F3: 2nd Shell championship (56 points), Lombard North Central
       Champion (90 points)
1972 - British F3: Won Forward Trust Championship (50 points) and Shell
       Championship (78 points)
1973 - 2 F1 GP (March), 0 points. ret British GP (Multiple accident). ret
       Dutch GP. F2 (GRD). Won Lottery GP (Monza). In F1 Dutch GP, tyre 
       failed, car crashing into inadequately secured barrier, which launched
       it across the track, causing it to invert and catch fire. Nobody came
       to help apart from driver Dave Purley, who tried to right the car.
       Unfortunately the fire really took hold, and Williamson perished