Trips, Count Wolfgang Graf Berghe "Taffy" von (D)

b 4/5/1928 (Horrem, Cologne) - d 10/9/1961 (Monza)

Also raced under the pseudonym Axel Linther

1953 - 3rd in Tourist Trophy (Mercedes) at Dundrod
1956 - DNS Italian GP (Ferrari), practice accident
1957 - 3 F1 GP (Ferrari), 4 points, J13th. (3rd Italy. Shared 6th Argentina)
1958 - 3 F1 GP (Ferrari), 9 points, J10th. (3rd France, 4th Germany, 5th
       Portugal). European hill-climb champion (Porsche)
1959 - 3 F1 GP (2 Porsche, 1 Ferrari), 0 points. (6th US GP). DNS Germany,
       withdrawn after Behra's accident. Spun F2 Porsche at Monaco,
       eliminated rest of class..... 2nd in Tourist Trophy at Goodwood
1960 - 9 F1 GP (8 Ferrari, 1 Scuderia Centro Sud (Cooper-Maserati)), 10 pts,
       J6th. (4th Portugal, 5th Argentina, Holland, Italy, 6th Britain).
       Won non-title GPs at Syracuse & Solitude. 2nd in F2 German GP(Porsche)
1961 - 7 F1 GP (Ferrari), 33 points, 2nd. 2 wins (Holland, Britain). (2nd
       Belgium, Germany, 4th Monaco). Sportscars: won Targa Florio with
       Gendebien. Fatally killed in Italy. Slow away from pole, and while 
       on banking, moved over to protect lead from Clark. Clipped Lotus, 
       crashed up bank into fence packed with spectators, before rolling back 
       down track. Jim Clark in Lotus was unhurt, but Trips and fourteen 
       spectators were killed