Taruffi, Piero (I)

b 12/1/1906 (Albone Laziale, Rome) - d 12/6/1988 (Rome)

1923 - Won Rome-Viterbo time trial in family Fiat 501S
1928 - Italian 500cc champion (Norton). Won 8 out of 9 races.
1932 - 2nd in Rome GP (Alfa Romeo)
1933 - 3rd Eifelrennen. 4th in French slalom ski championship.
1935 - 3rd Turin GP (Bugatti)
1937 - Set bike land speed record
1948 - 4th Monza GP (Alfa Romeo)
1949 - 2nd Rome GP (Ferrari)
1950 - retired Italian GP (Alfa Romeo). 3rd in non-title GP of nations 
       (Ferrari), 3rd Penya Rhin GP at Barcelona
1951 - 5 F1 GP (Ferrari), 10 points, 6th. (2nd Swiss GP, 5th Germany, Italy)
       3rd in non-title Bari GP. Sportscars: 2nd on Tour of Sicily, won
       Carrera Panamericana - nicknamed El Zorro Plateado, the Silver Fox.
1952 - 6 F1 GP (Ferrari), 22 points, 3rd. 1 win (Swiss GP). (2nd Britain,
       3rd France, 4th Germany). Won non-title Paris GP, 2nd Syracuse &
       Naples GPs. 2nd in Turing GP, won Libre race at Silverstone
1953 - 2nd on Carrera Panamericana (Lancia)
1954 - 6th German GP (Ferrari). Won Targa Florio and Tour of Sicily (Lancia)
1955 - 3 F1 GP (1 Ferrari, 2 Mercedes), 9 points, 5th. (2nd Italy, 4th GB).
       Won Tour of Sicily (Ferrari)
1956 - retired French GP (Maserati), Italian GP (Vandervell). Won Nurburgring
       1000km with Moss, Schell & Behra. 2nd Targa Florio, Circuit of Sicily
       and Pescara GP
1957 - 4th non-title Syracuse GP. Won Mille Miglia (Ferrari). Retired - he had
       promised his wife Isabella that he would retire after winning the
       Mille Miglia, but she had thought that this was Piero's way of saying
       that he would not retire!