Tarquini, Gabriele (I)

b 2/3/1962 (Guillanova, Lido)

1976 - Karting
1984 - World Kart Champion
1985 - F3000 (SanRemo Racing March-Cosworth); 6th, 14 pts:
       Venue			   Q		  R
       Silverstone                 13th           5th 
       Thruxton                    4th            5th 
       Estoril                     5th            3rd 
       Vallelunga                  9th            ret
       Pau                         13th           DNS
       Spa                         9th            4th  
       Dijon                       13th           13th 
       Enna-Pergusa                10th           4th 
       Zeltweg                     11th           13th 
       Zandvoort                   11th           ret
       Donington                   13th           ret
1986 - F3000 (Coloni Racing March 86B-Cosworth); 10th, 7 pts:
       Silverstone                 DNA
       Vallelunga                  12th           13th 
       Pau                         13th           ret
       Spa                         20th           8th         
       Imola                       15th           4th 
       Mugello                     22nd           ret
       Enna-Pergusa                3rd            ret
       Zeltweg                     9th            3rd
       Birmingham                  20th           13th 
       Le Mans                     24th           ret
       Jarama                      16th           13th
1987  F3000 (FIRST Racing March-Cosworth); 8th, 12 pts:
       Silverstone                 9th            10th 
       Vallelunga                  9th            ret
       Spa                         11th           12th 
       Pau                         5th            ret
       Donington                   15th           19th 
       Enna-Pergusa                7th            3rd 
       Brands Hatch                18th           17th 
       Birmingham                  7th            14th 
       Imola                       8th            2nd 
       Le Mans                     19th           5th 
       Jarama                      4th            ret
       F1 (Osella FA1G-Alfa Romeo): ret in one-off at San Marino.
1988 - 16 F1 attempts (Coloni-Cosworth FC188), 0 points. DNQ=8
1989 - 15 F1 attempts (AGS-Cosworth), 1 point. (6th Mexico). DNQ=9
1990 - 16 F1 attempts (AGS-Cosworth), 0 points. DNQ=12
1991 - 16 F1 attempts (13 AGS, 3 Fondmetal), 0 points. DNQ=11
1992 - 13 F1 GP (Fondmetal), 0 points. ret=12
1993 - Italian Touring Cars (Alfa Romeo 155): 3rd, 207 points.
1994 - British Touring Car Champion (Alfa Romeo)
1995 - Tyrrell Test Driver. 1 F1 GP (Tyrrell), Europe (Nuerburgring).
       Drove in both Singen DTM races (Alfa Romeo), no points.
       Italian Touring Cars, 12 races (Alfa Romeo), 135 points, 7th, 2 wins
       (R1 Misano, R2 Mugello), (3rd R1&2 Binetto, R1&2 Imola)
       17th in Touring Car World Cup at Paul Ricard
       Drove last 10 rounds in British Touring Cars (Alfa): 4th R2 Brands
       Indy, 4th R1 Snetterton, 4th R1 Oulton Park Fosters circuit.
1996 - ITC (Alfa Romeo), 14th, 60 points: 5th R2 Nurburgring, 2nd & 1st 
       Silverstone, 5th R2 Mugello, 4th R1 Hockenheim GP Circuit.
1997 - British Touring Car Championship (Prodrive Honda Accord), 6th, 130 pts
       Mar 31   Donington Park          7th, 30:15.615
       Mar 31   Donington Park          4th, 29:55.348
       Apr 20   Silverstone             5th, 28:40.711
       Apr 20   Silverstone             15th, -1 lap
       May 5    Thruxton                2nd, 27:07.230
       May 5    Thruxton                1st, 34:12.672
       May 18   Brands Hatch            6th, 29:13.011
       May 18   Brands Hatch            2nd, 29:08.624
       May 26   Oulton Park             ret, accident
       May 26   Oulton Park             ret
       Jun 15   Donington Park (Short)  ret, accident
       Jun 15   Donington Park (Short)  6th, 32:42.374
       Jun 29   Croft                   ret, accident damage
       Jun 29   Croft                   ret, crash
       Aug 3    Knockhill               7th, 32:14.319
       Aug 3    Knockhill               3rd, 39:03.445
       Aug 10   Snetterton              ret, accident
       Aug 10   Snetterton              3rd, 27:15.826
       Aug 25   Thruxton                4th, 26:32.883
       Aug 25   Thruxton                4th, 26:39.647
       Sep 7    Brands Hatch            ret, engine
       Sep 7    Brands Hatch            7th, 29:16.380
       Sep 21   Silverstone             4th, 24:23.236
       Sep 21   Silverstone             3rd, 28:41.777
       Belgian Procar Championship (Honda Accord)
       Jun 22   Spa-Francorchamps       1st, 30m21.81.
       This was in race 1: 3rd on aggregate (co-drove with T.Tassin)
       Retired from Spa 24 Hrs (Honda Accord) due to oil pump, with T.Tassin
       & A.Heger, took pole
1998 - German Super Touring (Honda Accord)
       Apr 18   Hockenheim              7th, 24m37.40
       Apr 19   Hockenheim              >10th
       May 9    Nurburgring             8th, 19m39.45
       May 10   Nurburgring             accident
       May 24   Sachsenring             5th, 23m02.10
       May 24   Sachsenring             4th, 45m26.42
       Jul 4    Norisring               5th, 22m41.81
       Jul 5    Norisring               7th, 40m58.21
       Jul 18   Lahr
       Jul 19   Lahr
       Aug 2    Wunstorf                engine
       Aug 2    Wunstorf                DNS/engine
       Aug 16   Zweibrucken             >10th
       Aug 16   Zweibrucken             >10th
       Aug 30   Salzburgring            5th, 17:24.97
       Aug 30   Salzburgring            4th, 34:40.45
       Sep 13   Oschersleben            >10th
       Sep 13   Oschersleben            >10th
       Oct 4    Nurburgring             accident
       Oct 4    Nurburgring             9th, 39:45.47
1999 - German Super Touring (JAS Engineering Honda Accord), 4th, 476 pts, 1 win.
       May 9    Sachsenring             8th, 22m53.291
       May 9    Sachsenring             7th, 45m41.285
       May 23   Zweibrucken             7th, 20m50.127
       May 23   Zweibrucken             3rd, 41m27.102
       Jun 20   Oschersleben            3rd, 21m56.582
       Jun 20   Oschersleben            5th, 43m52.924
       Jul 4    Norisring               16th, -2 laps
       Aug 8    Misano                  4th, 21m38.168
       Aug 8    Misano                  3rd, 43m00.494
       Aug 22   Nurburgring             2nd, 21m10.961
       Aug 22   Nurburgring             3rd, 39m06.709
       Sep 5    Salzburgring            ret/accident
       Sep 5    Salzburgring            6th, 39m38.234
       Sep 19   Oschersleben            1st, 21m51.755
       Sep 19   Oschersleben            2nd, 43m28.909
       Oct 3    Hockenheim              6th, 21m23.935
       Oct 3    Hockenheim              7th, 43m06.098
       Oct 17   Nurburgring             >10th
       Oct 17   Nurburgring             3rd, 40m40.663
       British Touring Cars (Team Honda Sport Honda Accord), 14th, 17 pts.
       Aug 15   Knockhill               2nd, 17m57.697
       Aug 15   Knockhill               6th, 39m33.467
       Aug 30   Brands Hatch Indy       ret/13 laps/fuel pump
       Aug 30   Brands Hatch Indy       ret/0 laps/accident
2000 - British Touring Cars (Team Honda Sport Honda Accord), 6th, 143 pts
       Apr 9    Brands Hatch GP         9th, 21m19.206
       Apr 9    Brands Hatch GP         6th, 59m24.870
       Apr 24   Donington Park          4th, 21m41.168
       Apr 24   Donington Park          2nd, 43m44.344
       May 1    Thruxton                ret/15 laps/accident
       May 1    Thruxton                5th, 47m07.428
       May 14   Knockhill               ret/0 laps/accident
       May 14   Knockhill               1st, 36m08.803
       May 29   Oulton Park             9th, -1 lap
       May 29   Oulton Park             8th, 43m27.530
       Jun 11   Silverstone             5th, 21m43.505
       Jun 11   Silverstone             2nd, 43m20.218
       Jun 25   Croft                   6th, 20m56.254
       Jun 25   Croft                   ret/1 lap/accident
       Jul 8    Snetterton              6th, 32m55.098
       Jul 8    Snetterton              7th, 26m42.287
       Jul 20   Donington Park GP       6th, 25m00.732
       Jul 20   Donington Park GP       1st, 49m48.875
       Aug 28   Brands Hatch Indy       9th, 20m21.212
       Aug 28   Brands Hatch Indy       10th, -2 laps
       Sep 10   Oulton Park             2nd, 29m12.908
       Sep 10   Oulton Park             1st, 54m35.541
       Sep 16   Silverstone (night race)ret/accident
       Sep 16   Silverstone (night race)6th, 43m58.779
       European Super Touring Championship (JAS Engineering Honda Accord), 
       16th, 10 pts
       Sep 24   Vallelunga              7th, 20m36.472
       Sep 24   Vallelunga              DNS
       Oct 8    Novo Mesto              11th, - 1 lap
       Oct 8    Novo Mesto              6th, 29m13.530
2001 - FIA European Touring Cars (Honda Accord): 3rd, 579 pts
       Apr 1    Monza                   ret/accident
       Apr 1    Monza                   1st, 17m46.158
       Apr 16   Brno                    ret/4 laps/accident
       Apr 16   Brno                    3rd, 21m47.732
       May 1    Magny-Cours             1st, 21m06.389
       May 1    Magny-Cours             accident
       May 13   Silverstone             1st, 19m23.198
       May 13   Silverstone             1st, 19m41.057
       May 20   Zolder                  1st, 21m00.387
       May 20   Zolder                  spin
       Jul 1    Hungaroring             2nd, 22m39.292
       Jul 1    Hungaroring             4th, 22m53.057
       Aug 26   A1-Ring                 1st, 19m35.658
       Aug 26   A1-Ring                 1st, 19m49.779
       Sep 9    Nurburgring             2nd, 21m58.397
       Sep 9    Nurburgring             2nd, 19m44.559
       Sep 30   Jarama                  1st, 22m56.548
       Sep 30   Jarama                  1st, 21m37.521
       Oct 21   Estoril                 2nd, 21m10.184
       Oct 21   Estoril                 ret/1 lap/accident
2002 - European Touring Cars (Alfa Romeo 156 GTA)
       Oct 6    Donington Park          3rd, 22m28.317
       Oct 6    Donington Park          6th, 22m44.065
       Macau Guia Race (Alfa Romeo 147): retired.
2003 - European Touring Car Championship (Autodelta Alfa 
       Romeo 156 GTA): Champion, 107 pts
       Apr 6	Barcelona		1st, 21m30.672
       Apr 6	Barcelona		4th, 21m33.152
       Apr 27	Magny-Cours		4th, 22m37.837
       Apr 27	Magny-Cours		ret/2 laps
       May 11	Enna-Pergusa		3rd, 19m50.839
       May 11	Enna-Pergusa		1st, 19m51.155
       May 25	Brno			6th, 22m47.814
       May 25	Brno			4th, 22m40.430
       Jun 29	Donington Park		1st, 22m31.216
       Jun 29	Donington Park		17th, -2 laps
       Jul 27	Spa-Francorchamps	1st, 20m38.796
       Jul 27	Spa-Francorchamps	14th, 20m49.666
       Sep 7	Anderstorp		ret/0 laps/accident
       Sep 7	Anderstorp		DNS
       Sep 21	Oschersleben		2nd, 22m09.793
       Sep 21	Oschersleben		5th, 20m39.515
       Oct 5	Estoril			1st, 22m02.361
       Oct 5	Estoril			1st, 22m00.709
       Oct 19	Monza			4th, 18m32.858
       Oct 19	Monza			3rd, 18m31.731
2004  BTCC Masters: 3rd, 29m32.280. European Touring Cars (Autodelta 
       Squadra Corse Alfa Romeo 156): 3rd, 106 pts
       Mar 28	Monza			1st, 21m13.375
       Mar 28	Monza			ret/0 laps/accident
       Apr 18	Valencia		1st, 22m28.346
       Apr 18	Valencia		2nd, 22m31.442
       May 2	Magny-Cours		5th, 22m33.519
       May 2	Magny-Cours		2nd, 22m19.530
       May 16	Hockenheim		ret/6 laps/accident
       May 16	Hockenheim		6th, 20m30.765
       May 30	Brno			9th, 22m34.670
       May 30	Brno			ret/1 lap/accident
       Jun 27	Donington Park		3rd, 21m50.074
       Jun 27	Donington Park		2nd, 21m48.094
       Jul 31	Spa-Francorchamps	5th, 18m10.677
       Jul 31	Spa-Francorchamps	4th, 20m51.606
       Sep 5	Imola			1st, 22m08.554
       Sep 5	Imola			1st, 26m16.027
       Sep 19	Oschersleben		ret/3 laps/gearbox
       Sep 19	Oschersleben		DNS
       Oct 8	Dubai			1st, 22m20.396
       Oct 8	Dubai			1st, 22m18.952
2005  FIA World Touring Cars (Autodelta Alfa Romeo 156): 7th, 55 pts
       Apr 10	Monza			2nd, 18m05.668
       Apr 10	Monza			ret/5 laps/accident
       May 1	Magny-Cours		4th, 22m27.879
       May 1	Magny-Cours		8th, 22m34.535
       May 15	Silverstone		1st, 20m35.654
       May 15	Silverstone		3rd, 21m48.514
       May 29	Imola			15th, 22m53.236
       May 29	Imola			10th, 22m29.995
       Jun 26	Puebla			2nd, 26m08.391
       Jun 26	Puebla			ret/0 laps/accident
       Jul 31	Spa-Francorchamps	4th, 23m04.418
       Jul 31	Spa-Francorchamps	17th, -1 lap
       Aug 28	Oschersleben		13th, 22m21.148
       Aug 28	Oschersleben		14th, 22m18.577
       Sep 18	Istanbul Park		7th, 21m26.789
       Sep 18	Istanbul Park		1st, 21m07.765
       Oct 2	Valencia		16th, 23m41.938
       Oct 2	Valencia		ret/9 laps/fumes
       Nov 20	Macau			DNS/practice crash
2006  WTCC (SEAT Sport Italy SEAT Leon): 5th, 57 pts
       Apr 2	Monza			5th, 25m51.552
       Apr 2	Monza			6th, 18m44.365
       Apr 30	Magny-Cours		4th, 22m23.655
       Apr 30	Magny-Cours		5th, 22m30.866
       May 21	Brands Hatch GP		6th, 24m11.086
       May 21	Brands Hatch GP		4th, 30m08.243
       Jun 4	Oschersleben		4th, 22m20.342
       Jun 4	Oschersleben		7th, 22m18.718
       Jul 2	Curitiba		4th, 26m05.900
       Jul 2	Curitiba		5th, 25m45.951
       Jul 30	Puebla			10th, 58m05.405
       Jul 30	Puebla			8th, 29m09.342
       Sep 3	Brno			ret/1 lap/accident
       Sep 3	Brno			10th, 22m54.662
       Sep 24	Istanbul Park		3rd, 21m23.847
       Sep 24	Istanbul Park		1st, 23m06.124
       Nov 18	Macau			11th, 24m17.324
       Nov 18	Macau			ret/0 laps/accident
2007  WTCC (SEAT Sport SEAT Leon): 8th, 62 pts
       Mar 11	Curitiba		4th, 25m47.084
       Mar 11	Curitiba		5th, 20m27.627
       May 6	Zandvoort		7th, 25m18.876
       May 6	Zandvoort		1st, 22m06.110
       May 20	Valencia		ret/0 laps/accident
       May 20	Valencia		24th, -1 lap
       Jun 3	Pau			19th, -1 lap
       Jun 3	Pau			12th, 32m20.130
       Jun 17	Brno			7th, 27m06.407
       Jun 17	Brno			4th, 22m49.370
       Jul 8	Boavista		4th, 34m09.782
       Jul 8	Boavista		7th, 32m09.181
       Jul 29	Anderstorp		5th, 24m12.566
       Jul 29	Anderstorp		7th, 23m49.904
       Aug 26	Oschersleben		2nd, 27m57.655
       Aug 26	Oschersleben		7th, 23m00.270
       Sep 23	Brands Hatch		10th, 26m56.742
       Sep 23	Brands Hatch		ret/11 laps/suspension
       Oct 7	Monza			6th, 18m22.446
       Oct 7	Monza			ret/3 laps/suspension
       Nov 18	Macau			2nd, 23m12.950
       Nov 18	Macau			14th, 23m45.618
2008  FIA WTCC (SEAT Sport SEAT Leon TDI): 2nd, 88 pts
       Mar 2	Curitiba		5th, 23m55.271
       Mar 2	Curitiba		1st, 20m06.577
       Apr 6	Puebla			5th, 27m21.221
       Apr 6	Puebla			3rd, 27m46.205
       May 18	Valencia		2nd, 22m58.363
       May 18	Valencia		5th, 23m04.326
       Jun 1	Pau			5th, 52m41.450
       Jun 1	Pau			4th, 36m15.830
       Jun 15	Brno			6th, 22m11.609
       Jun 15	Brno			1st, 22m04.109
       Jul 13	Estoril			13th, 22m30.091
       Jul 13	Estoril			11th, 22m17.625
       Jul 27	Brands Hatch GP		7th, 22m37.206
       Jul 27	Brands Hatch GP		5th, 30m13.156
       Aug 31	Oschersleben		24th, 24m37.536
       Aug 31	Oschersleben		16th, 23m21.426
       Sep 21	Imola			5th, 21m26.609
       Sep 21	Imola			ret/0 laps/accident
       Oct 5	Monza			2nd, 18m16.725
       Oct 5	Monza			1st, 18m18.397
       Oct 26	Okayama			10th, 26m39.779
       Oct 26	Okayama			ret/9 laps/radiator
       Nov 16	Macau			7th, 23m21.421
       Nov 16	Macau			12th, 8 laps/accident
2009  WTCC (SEAT Sport SEAT Leon TDI): Champion, 127 pts
       Mar 8	Curitiba		4th, 26m49.300
       Mar 8	Curitiba		1st, 27m44.649
       Mar 22	Puebla			6th, 26m50.201
       Mar 22	Puebla			8th, 26m53.203
       May 3	Marrakech		2nd, 24m05.969
       May 3	Marrakech		5th, 27m33.028
       May 17	Pau			13th, 27m43.025
       May 17	Pau			6th, 52m39.988
       May 31	Valencia		3rd, 23m17.832
       May 31	Valencia		3rd, 23m21.501
       Jun 21	Brno			3rd, 29m31.327
       Jun 21	Brno			5th, 22m20.966
       Jul 5	Porto			1st, 1h04m11.274
       Jul 5	Porto			ret/2 laps/accident
       Jul 19	Brands Hatch		4th, 28m27.969
       Jul 19	Brands Hatch		3rd, 28m17.009
       Sep 6	Oschersleben		2nd, 22m56.486
       Sep 6	Oschersleben		3rd, 23m03.707
       Sep 20	Imola			1st, 29m31.701
       Sep 20	Imola			2nd, 21m51.992
       Nov 1	Okayama			5th, 32m34.644
       Nov 1	Okayama			7th, 27m19.119
       Nov 22	Macau			2nd, 23m10.559
       Nov 22	Macau			5th, 22m23.981
2010  WTCC (SR-Sport SEAT Leon TDI): 2nd, 276 pts
       Mar 7	Curitiba		4th, 27m04.317
       Mar 7	Curitiba		1st, 20m13.311
       May 2	Marrakech		1st, 32m12.815
       May 2	Marrakech		6th, 36m18.158
       May 23	Monza			7th, 18m34.383
       May 23	Monza			ret/6 laps/stopped
       Jun 20	Zolder			1st, 21m54.209
       Jun 20	Zolder			6th, 21m57.879
       Jul 4	Algarve			3rd, 21m39.781
       Jul 4	Algarve			1st, 21m49.935
       Jul 18	Brands Hatch		4th, 28m07.819
       Jul 18	Brands Hatch		3rd, 27m06.718
       Aug 1	Brno			2nd, 28m47.697
       Aug 1	Brno			ret/8 laps/fuel injector
       Sep 5	Oschersleben		ret/0 laps/accident damage
       Sep 5	Oschersleben		9th, 23m09.418
       Sep 19	Valencia		1st, 23m11.124
       Sep 19	Valencia		3rd, 23m33.225
       Oct 31	Okayama			7th, 32m00.544
       Oct 31	Okayama			ret/10 laps/accident
       Nov 21	Macau			4th, 35m35.749
       Nov 21	Macau			2nd, 54m38.608
       Buenos Aires 200 km (Honda): ret.
2011  WTCC (Lukoil SUNRED SEAT Leon 2.0 TDI): 5th, 204 pts
       Mar 20	Curitiba		7th, 19m43.695
       Mar 20	Curitiba		6th, 19m42.940
       Apr 24	Zolder			4th, 29m22.597
       Apr 24	Zolder			1st, 22m07.752
       May 15	Monza			ret/5 laps/accident damage
       May 15	Monza			10th, 18m22.832
       Jun 5	Hungaroring		6th, 24m04.654
       Jun 5	Hungaroring		3rd, 59m12.613
       Jun 19	Brno			ret/6 laps/accident damage
       Jun 19	Brno			6th, 22m17.365
       Jul 3	Porto			5th, 23m33.240
       Jul 3	Porto			7th, 23m37.382
       Jul 17	Donington Park		6th, 21m30.820
       Jul 17	Donington Park		7th, 21m44.769
       Jul 31	Oschersleben		3rd, 26m08.434
       Jul 31	Oschersleben		3rd, 25m08.069
       Sep 4	Valencia		17th, 10 laps/electrics
       Sep 4	Valencia		4th, 23m17.262
       Oct 23	Suzuka East		9th, 26m04.964
       Oct 23	Suzuka East		ret/11 laps/accident damage
       Nov 6	Tianma			NC/-10 laps
       Nov 6	Tianma			2nd, 28m30.117
       Nov 20	Macau			3rd, 35m08.569
       Nov 20	Macau			4th, 33m32.820
       Scandinavian Touring Cars (Polestar Racing Volvo C30):
       Aug 13	Karlskoga		11th, 23m29.779
       Aug 13	Karlskoga		13th, 19m59.934
2012  WTCC (Lukoil Racing SEAT Leon WTCC): 4th, 252 pts
       Mar 11	Monza			3rd, 26m03.010
       Mar 11	Monza			ret/1 lap/accident
       Mar 31	Valencia		2nd, 22m08.693
       Mar 31	Valencia		9th, 23m22.687
       Apr 15	Marrakech		11th, 22m55.344
       Apr 15	Marrakech		ret/0 laps/suspension
       Apr 29	Slovakiaring		1st, 22m42.275
       Apr 29	Slovakiaring		3rd, 22m40.656
       May 5	Hungaroring		ret/1 lap/accident damage
       May 5	Hungaroring		6th, 23m46.244
       May 20	Salzburgring		4th, 23m29.728
       May 20	Salzburgring		16th, -1 lap
       Jun 3	Algarve			2nd, 21m20.956
       Jun 3	Algarve			19th, 8 laps/accident damage
       Jul 22	Curitiba		4th, 22m08.316
       Jul 22	Curitiba		3rd, 23m51.246
       Sep 23	Sears Point		4th, 23m43.216
       Sep 23	Sears Point		3rd, 19m20.375
       Oct 21	Suzuka East		4th, 23m58.708
       Oct 21	Suzuka East		3rd, 23m57.602
       Nov 4	Shanghai		5th, 25m28.022
       Nov 4	Shanghai		6th, 25m38.120
       Nov 18	Macau			4th, 23m10.944
       Nov 18	Macau			20th, 9 laps/floor
2013  WTCC (JAS Engineering Honda Civic): 2nd, 242 pts
       Mar 24	Monza			4th, 30m10.836
       Mar 24	Monza			3rd, 23m32.248
       Apr 7	Marrakech		2nd, 28m52.127
       Apr 7	Marrakech		ret/7 laps
       Apr 28	Slovakia Ring		1st, 22m18.761
       Apr 28	Slovakia Ring		3rd, 22m29.569
       May 5	Hungaroring		3rd, 23m29.795
       May 5	Hungaroring		ret/0 laps/accident
       May 19	Salzburgring		12th, 17m59.723
       May 19	Salzburgring		8th, 17m45.878
       Jun 9	Moscow Raceway		6th, 51m48.673
       Jun 9	Moscow Raceway		7th, 23m03.235
       Jun 30	Porto			ret/7 laps
       Jun 30	Porto			20th, 24m17.391
       Aug 4	Rio Hondo		4th, 23m04.885
       Aug 4	Rio Hondo		2nd, 20m32.144
       Sep 8	Sears Point		6th, 23m39.713
       Sep 8	Sears Point		1st, 23m40.401
       Sep 22	Suzuka			27th, -5 laps
       Sep 22	Suzuka			4th, 24m07.661
       Nov 3	Shanghai		7th, 26m45.013
       Nov 3	Shanghai		2nd, 19m27.268
       Nov 17	Macau			DNS  engine
       Nov 17	Macau			9th, 1h24m03.115
2014  WTCC (JAS Honda Civic WTCC): 6th, 182 pts
       Apr 13	Marrakech		DNS/practice accident
       Apr 13	Marrakech		DNS
       Apr 20	Paul Ricard		3rd, 28m13.373
       Apr 20	Paul Ricard		4th, 30m33.010
       May 4	Hungaroring		4th, 26m11.272
       May 4	Hungaroring		8th, 26m23.679
       May 11	Slovakia Ring		8th, 20m46.005
       May 11	Slovakia Ring		rained out
       May 25	Salzburgring		8th, 21m11.605
       May 25	Salzburgring		2nd, 52m01.581
       Jun 8	Moscow Raceway		2nd, 27m08.290
       Jun 8	Moscow Raceway		ret/7 laps
       Jun 22	Spa-Francorchamps	8th, 22m33.714
       Jun 22	Spa-Francorchamps	8th, 22m35.671
       Aug 3	Rio Hondo		8th, 23m24.668
       Aug 3	Rio Hondo		4th, 23m22.027
       Oct 4	Beijing Goldenport	16th, -4 laps
       Oct 4	Beijing Goldenport	10th, 29m05.308
       Oct 12	Shanghai		6th, 26m31.580
       Oct 12	Shanghai		ret/5 laps
       Oct 26	Suzuka			6th, 24m07.060
       Oct 26	Suzuka			1st, 23m55.783
       Nov 16	Macau			3rd, 24m53.844
       Nov 16	Macau			DNS - exhaustion
2015  WTCC (Honda Racing Team JAS Honda Civic WTCC): 5th, 197 pts
       Mar 8	Rio Hondo		5th, 23m41.382
       Mar 8	Rio Hondo		4th, 29m45.072
       Apr 19	Marrakech		7th, 24m55.212
       Apr 19	Marrakech		5th, 25m01.751
       May 3	Hungaroring		DSQ  parc ferme violation (was 11th)
       May 3	Hungaroring		13th, 27m11.651
       May 16	Nurburgring Nordsch.	6th, 26m13.339
       May 16	Nurburgring Nordsch.	4th, 26m17.243
       Jun 7	Moscow Raceway		3rd, 27m08.606
       Jun 7	Moscow Raceway		ret/6 laps/accident
       Jun 21	Slovakia Ring		6th, 23m26.226
       Jun 21	Slovakia Ring		4th, 23m28.290
       Jun 28	Paul Ricard		8th, 24m58.996
       Jun 28	Paul Ricard		5th, 25m02.771
       Jul 12	Vila Real		4th, 26m29.617
       Jul 12	Vila Real		3rd, 26m55.722
       Sep 13	Motegi			3rd, 25m51.110
       Sep 13	Motegi			12th, 26m35.685
       Sep 27	Shanghai		ret/5 laps/accident damage
       Sep 27	Shanghai		2nd, 26m39.601
       Nov 1	Buriram			5th, 29m24.903
       Nov 1	Buriram			5th, 16m53.932
       Nov 27	Losail			15th, 25m10.450
       Nov 27	Losail			7th, 32m58.362
2016  WTCC (Lada Sport Lada Vesta WTCC):
       Apr 2	Paul Ricard		ret/6 laps/suspension
       Apr 2	Paul Ricard		ret/9 laps/accident damage
       Apr 17	Slovakia Ring		4th, 23m39.556
       Apr 17	Slovakia Ring		13th, 27m22.783
       Apr 24	Hungaroring		5th, 31m04.379
       Apr 24	Hungaroring		ret/5 laps/accident
       May 8	Marrakech		4th (7th), 29m39.975
       May 8	Marrakech		3rd (6th), 34m41.854
       May 28	Nurburgring Nordsch.	7th, 26m49.530
       May 28	Nurburgring Nordsch.	9th, 26m38.340
       Jun 12	Moscow Raceway		1st, 29m39.384
       Jun 12	Moscow Raceway		2nd, 33m01.160
       Jun 26	Vila Real		12th, 26m26.691
       Jun 26	Vila Real		13th, 28m27.996
       Aug 7	Termas de Rio Hondo	14th, 23m27.011
       Aug 7	Termas de Rio Hondo	13th, 24m13.103
       Sep 4	Motegi			10th, 26m17.899
       Sep 4	Motegi			10th, 28m20.399
       Sep 25	Shanghai		16th, 11 laps/acc.damage
       Sep 25	Shanghai		5th, 28m33.973
2017  Misano 24 Hrs (Hyundai i30 TCR): ret/251 laps, with A.Buri.
       TCR International Series (BRC Team Hyundai i30 N TCR):
       Oct 8	Zhejiang		1st, 30m15.966
       Oct 8	Zhejiang		6th, 30m48.508
       WTCC (Honda Racing Team JAS Honda Civic WTCC):
       Oct 15	Ningbo			DSQ  fuel injectors (was 5th, 33m47.349)
       Oct 15	Ningbo			DSQ  fuel injectors (4th, 5m02.501)
       Nov 18	Dubai			15th, -1 lap
       Nov 18	Dubai			9th, 25m54.440
2018  World Touring Car Cup (BRC Racing Team Hyundai): Champion, 306 pts
       Apr 7	Marrakech		1st, 48m58.707
       Apr 8	Marrakech		19th, -4 laps
       Apr 8	Marrakech		1st, 35m32.320
       Apr 28	Hungaroring		6th, 23m18.458
       Apr 29	Hungaroring		4th, 23m14.049
       Apr 29	Hungaroring		1st, 46m49.549
       May 10	Nurburgring Nord.	ret/0 laps/accident
       May 12	Nurburgring Nord.	ret/0 laps/accident
       May 12	Nurburgring Nord.	DNS
       May 20	Zandvoort		ret/8 laps
       May 21	Zandvoort		19th, 27m04.171
       May 21	Zandvoort		18th, 27m25.905
       Jun 23	Vila Real		4th, 2h37m11.887
       Jun 24	Vila Real		9th, 23m04.801
       Jun 24	Vila Real		2nd, 36m24.646
       Jul 14	Slovakia Ring		3rd, 26m27.014
       Jul 14	Slovakia Ring		1st, 19m54.840
       Jul 15	Slovakia Ring		ret/0 laps/accident
       Sep 29	Ningbo			4th, 24m35.252
       Sep 30	Ningbo			ret/4 laps
       Sep 30	Ningbo			2nd, 54m22.921
       Oct 6	Wuhan			17th, 29m56.858
       Oct 7	Wuhan			ret/11 laps
       Oct 7	Wuhan			13th, 40m51.810
       Oct 27	Suzuka			8th, 26m46.850
       Oct 28	Suzuka			5th, 23m30.943
       Oct 28	Suzuka			1st, 24m41.704
       Nov 18	Macau			4th, 46m13.712
       Nov 19	Macau			ret/1 lap/accident damage
       Nov 19	Macau			10th, 38m01.621