Stewart, Sir Jackie (John Young) (GB)

b 11/6/1939 (Milton, Dumbartonshire)

Younger brother of Jimmy Stewart

1963 - joined Ecurie Ecosse. won GT & Touring car races
1964 - F3 (Tyrrell Cooper-BMC), F2 (Lotus)
1965 - 10 F1 GP (Owen racing/BRM), 33 points, 3rd. 1 win (Italy). (2nd
       Belgium, France, Holland, 3rd Monaco, 5th Britain, 6th S.Africa). 2nd
       in Race of Champions, won International Trophy
1966 - 8 F1 GP (Owen Racing/BRM), 14 points, 7th. 1 win (Monaco). (4th
       Holland, 5th Germany). Won Tasman Cup (BRM), 36 points. 4 wins:
       Christchurch, Invercargill, Sandown Park, Longford. Retired while
       leading Indy 500
1967 - 11 F1 GP (Owen Racing/BRM), 10 points, 9th. (2nd Belgium, 3rd France)
       2nd in Tasman Cup (BRM), 18 points. 2 wins: Pukekohe, Warwick Farm.
       2nd in BOAC 500 at Brands Hatch (Ferrari) with Amon. F2 (Matra): 2nd
       at Jarama, won at Enna
1968 - 10 F1 GP (Matra), 36 points, 2nd. 3 wins (Holland, Germany, US)
       (3rd France, 4th Belgium, 6th Britain, Canada)
1969 - 11 F1 GP (Matra), 63 points, World Champion. 6 wins (S.Africa, Spain,
       Holland, France, Britain, Italy). (2nd Germany, 4th Mexico). F2
       (Matra): Won Nurburgring, Jarama, 2nd Thruxton, Langenlebarn
1970 - 13 F1 GP (Tyrrell), 25 points, J5th. 1 win (Spain). (2nd Holland,
       Italy, 3rd S.Africa). F2 (Matra): 2nd at Thruxton. Won Race of
       Champions, 2nd International Trophy
1971 - 11 F1 GP (Tyrrell), 62 points, World Champion. 6 wins (Spain, Monaco,
       France, Britain, Germany, Canada). (2nd S.Africa, 5th US). Can-Am
       (Lola), 3rd (76 points). 2 wins, Mont Tremblant, Lexington
1972 - 11 F1 GP (Tyrrell), 45 points, 2nd. 4 wins (Argentina, France, Canada,
       US). (2nd Britain, 4th Monaco)
1973 - 15 F1 GP (Tyrrell), 71 points, World Champion. 5 wins (S.Africa,
       Belgium, Monaco, Holland, Germany). (2nd Brazil, Austria, 3rd
       Argentina, 4th France, Italy, 5th Sweden, Canada). DNS US - withdrawn
       after Cevert's death. Retired
1996 - Set up Stewart Grand Prix with son Paul.
1997 - Stewart Grand Prix raced in F1 for first time.
2001 - Knighted in June.