Rindt, Jochen (Aut)

b 18/4/1942 (Mainz, D) - d 5/9/1970 (Monza, I)

1963 - F.Junior. Raced in non-title Austrian GP
1964 - Retired Austrian GP (Rob Walker - Brabham-BRM). F2: won at Crystal
1965 - 10 F1 GP (Cooper), 4 points, 13th. (4th Germany, 6th US). F2. Won
       Le Mans 24 Hrs (NART Ferrari) with Masten Gregory
1966 - 9 F1 GP (Cooper), 22 points, 3rd. (2nd Belgium, US, 3rd Germany,
       4th France, Italy, 5th Britain)
1967 - 10 F1 GP (Cooper), 6 points, J11th. (4th Belgium, Italy). ret=8
       F2 (Brabham Cos): won at Snetterton, Silverstone, Nurburgring,
1968 - 12 F1 GP (Brabham), 8 points, 12th. (3rd S.Africa, Germany). ret=10
       F2 (Brabham Cos): won at Thruxton, Crystal Palace, Langenlebarn, Enna.
       Retired in Indy 500 (Brabham)
1969 - 10 F1 GP (Lotus), 22 points, 4th. 1 win (US). (2nd Italy, 3rd Canada,
       4th Britain). ret=6. F2 (Lotus-Cos), 2 wins (Thruxton, Langenlebarn)
       2nd in Tasman Series (Lotus), 30 points. Won at Christchurch and
       Warwick Farm
1970 - 10 F1 GP (Lotus), 45 points, World Champion (Posthumous). 5 wins
       (Monaco, Holland, France, Britain, Germany). ret=4. DNS Italian GP;
       Something broke on car during practice, pitching car into barriers
       at high speed. Pronounced dead on arrival at Hospital in Milan.
       2nd in Race of Champions. F2: (Lotus-Cos), 1 win (Thruxton)