Needell, Timothy Tiff (GB)

b 29/10/1951 (Havant)

1971 - UK FF1600
1972 - UK FF1600
1973 - UK FF1600
1974 - UK FF1600, 2nd in 'Wella for Men' Championship
1975 - UK FF1600 champion (Townsend Thoresen Championship). Special
       Commendation at Grovewood Awards
1976 - 2nd UK FF2000 (Allied Polymer Championship). Won Grovewood Award. UK F3
1977 - UK F3
1978 - Aurora F1/F2 series. UK F3, 4th
1979 - Refused superlicence for F1. 'Durex' F1 Scholarship winner
1980 - 2 F1 attempts (Ensign). ret Belgium, DNQ Monaco. Raced Japanese F2,
       Touring Cars, Procars and sportscar racing
1981 - Sportscars (Ibec-Cosworth DFV P6), with Tony Trimmer
1982 - Sportscars (Nimrod-Aston Martin), with Geoff Lees
1983 - Sportscars (Dome-Cosworth DFL 83C), with Eje Elgh
1984 - Sportscars (Dome-Toyota 84C), with James Weaver
1985 - Sportscars (Dome-Toyota 85C), with James Weaver
1986 - Sportscars (Spice-Lamborghini), with Mauro Baldi
1987 - Sportscars (TOM's Toyota 87C), with Masanori Sekiya
1988 - Sportscars (TOM's Toyota 88C), with Paolo Barilla
1989 - Sportscars (Richard Lloyd Racing Porsche 962), with Derek Bell, 5th
       Dijon, 4th Mexico City. British Touring Car Championship (Rouse/Labatt's
       Ford Sierra RS500): 29th, 10 pts
1990 - Sportscars (Alpha Porsche 962), with Derek Bell
1991 - Sportscars (Kremer Porsche 962), with Gregor Foitek
1992 - Sportscars (ADA Porsche 962), with Derek Bell
1993 - BTCC (Ecurie Ecosse Vauxhall Cavalier 16v): Crashed at Donington.
1994 - British Touring Cars (Nissan Primera 2.0 eGT), 21st, 3 points:-
       May 30   Oulton Park             17th
       Jun 26   Brands Hatch            Retired
       Jun 26   Brands Hatch            18th
       Jul 10   Silverstone             Retired
       Jul 31   Knockhill               10th
       Jul 31   Knockhill               16th
       Aug 14   Oulton Park             13th
       Aug 29   Brands Hatch            17th
       Aug 29   Brands Hatch            9th
       Sep 11   Silverstone             15th
       Sep 11   Silverstone             14th
       Sep 18   Donington Park          15th
       Sep 18   Donington Park          15th
1995 - Drove PCA Jaguar XJ220 in Le Mans 24hrs with James Weaver. 6th in
       Maserati Ghibli Cup at Donington.
1996 - UK GTs (Ascari-Ford), 3rd Silverstone International Circuit. Daytona 
       24hrs (Lister Storm) - accident, with G.Lees & K.Acheson. 19th Le Mans
       with G.Lees and A.Reid. TVR Tuscan Championship: 4th R1 Croft. Drove
       in Global GTs with Lister Storm. 54th in Network Q RAC Rally (Skoda
1997 - Le Mans 24 Hrs (Lister Storm) with G.Lees & G.Fouche, ret/accident.
       IMSA (Newcastle United FC Lister Storm):
       Feb 1    19th in Daytona 24 Hrs with G.Lees & A.Reid
       Hella Formula Vee International (Spyder)
       Aug 30   Brands Hatch            3rd, 15 laps/FL 49.68s (record)
1998 - GTs (Lister Storm):- 
       Jan 31   Daytona 24 Hrs          ret/electrics(with J.Bailey & C.Baird)
       MGF Cup
       Apr 4    Silverstone             6th, 12 laps
       British GTs (Lister Storm), 5th, 97 pts, with J.Bailey:-
       May 3    Oulton Park             3rd
       Jun 14   Snetterton              1st
       Jul 11   Silverstone GP          2nd, 43:18.10
       Aug 2    Donington Park          4th
       Aug 23   Silverstone             2nd, 51:11.367
       Oct 4    Silverstone             1st, 50:28.30
       British Touring Cars (Ray Mallock Ltd Nissan Primera)
       Aug 31   Brands Hatch Indy       12th, 25:53.739
       Aug 31   Brands Hatch Indy       15th, -1 lap
1999 - FIA GT Championship (Lister Storm GTL), with J.Bailey and B.Verdon-Roe
       Apr 10   Monza                   ret/33 laps/gearbox
       May 9    Silverstone             ret/80 laps/gearbox
2000 - Lotus Elise Championship: 2nd Thruxton. British GT Championship (Lister 
       Storm): 1st Donington Park (with D.Warnock), 1st Spa-Francorchamps & 
       Silverstone GP Circuit (with D.Clark). FIA GT Championship (Lister 
       Storm): ret/brakes Zolder, with N.Springer.
2001 - Autocross/Yokohama Stock Hatch Championship (Peugeot 205): 1st in
       one off appearance at Lydden Hill. British Touring Car Championship 
       (Team Kaliber/Barwell Motorsport Honda Accord):
       Aug 26   Oulton Park     14th, 23m52.146 (7th Production Class)
       Aug 26   Oulton Park     DNS - engine
2002 - Lamborghini GTR Supertrophy: 1st R2 Silverstone, with M.Hales. Radical 
       Enduro Championship: 9th in Brands Hatch race with V.Butler-Henderson
2005  Maserati Trofeo: 16th Monza, with Jodie Kidd.
2006  FIA GT3 Championship (Aston Martin DBRS9): with T.Alexander
       May 7	Silverstone	ret/16 laps
       May 7	Silverstone	20th, -1 lap
2012  Lamborghini Trofeo: 3rd Monza. RAC TT Celebration, Goodwood (Jaguar 
       E-Type): 3rd, with J.Folch.
2013  Historic FF1600 (Lotus 69): 3rd Thruxton