Marko, Helmut (Aut)

b 27/4/1943 (Graz)

1969 - European F3 (McNamara)
1970 - 3rd at Le Mans
1971 - 5 F1 GP (1 Ecurie Bonnier, 4 Yardley BRM), 0 points. DNS Germany.
       Won at Le Mans with Lennep. Won Auvergne Trophy, Cape 3 Hrs, and
       three rounds of European 2-litre championship (Lola T212)
1972 - 5 F1 GP (BRM), 0 points. 8th Monaco. 2nd in Targa Florio and
       Osterreichring 1000km, 3rd Daytona 24 Hrs, Nurburgring 1000km (Alfa
       Romeo). During French F1 GP, a car threw up stone which shattered
       visor and embedded in drivers eye - couldn't be saved. Retired from
1996 - Ran own RSM Marko team in F3000