Marimón, Onofre (RA)

b 19/12/1923 (Buenos Aires) - d 31/7/1954 (Nürburgring)

1950 - Won race at Mar del Plata
1951 - retired French GP (Scuderia Milano - Maserati). Raced at Le Mans
       (Talbot) with Gonzalez
1953 - 6 F1 GP (Maserati), 4 points, J11th. (3rd Belgium). ret=4. 2nd in
       non-title Modena GP
1954 - Won non-title Rome GP, 3rd Pau GP. 5 F1 GP (Maserati), 4 points, 
       J15th. (3rd Britain). ret=3, DNS Germany - fatal accident in practice.
       Failed to negotiate corner. Went through hedge, and somersaulted down