Hunt, James Simon Wallis (GB) Hunt The Shunt

b 29/8/1947 (Belmont, Surrey) - d 15/6/1993 (Wimbledon)

1968 - UK FF1600 (Alexis)
1969 - UK FF1600 (Merlyn). F3 (Brabham)
1970 - Won at Rouen and Zolder in Lotus 59. Also after last corner
       collision with Dave Morgan, and irate James got out of car and
       executed on the spot justice...
1972 - F3 (Hesketh-Dastle). F2 (Hesketh), 3rd at Oulton Park
1973 - 8 F1 GP (Hesketh), 14 points, 8th. (2nd US, 3rd Holland, 4th Britain,
       6th France). 3rd Race of Champions (privately hired Surtees)
1974 - 15 F1 GP (Hesketh), 15 points, 8th. (3rd US, Sweden, Austria,
       4th Canada). Won International Trophy. 3 F5000 races (Gurney): 2nd
       in Monterey GP. 4th in Nurburgring 750km with Schuppan & Bell (Ford)
1975 - 14 F1 GP (Hesketh), 33 points, 4th. 1 win (Holland). (2nd Argentina,
       France, Austria, 4th US, British, 5th Italy, 6th Brazil)
1976 - 16 F1 GP (McLaren), 69 points, World Champion. 6 wins (Spain,
       France, Germany, Holland, Canada, US East). (2nd S.Africa, 3rd Japan,
       4th Austria, 5th Sweden). Won Race of Champions and Int. Trophy
1977 - 17 F1 GP (McLaren), 40 points, 5th. 3 wins (Britain, US East, Japan).
       (2nd Brazil, 3rd France, 4th S.Africa). Came 4th in World Steam-Roller
       Championship at an average speed of 7 mph (11.3 kph)
1978 - 16 F1 GP (McLaren), 8 points, J13th. (3rd France, 4th Argentina,
       6th Spain)
1979 - 7 F1 GP (Wolf), 0 points. Retired after Monaco
1980 - joined BBC F1 commentary team with Murray Walker
1993 - died of massive heart-attack