Hulme, Denny (NZ)

b 18/6/1936 (Nelson) - d 4/10/1992 (Bathurst)

1960 - F2 (Cooper), F.Junior
1963 - F.Junior - won 7 of 14 races enterred
1964 - New Zealand Tasman Series: won at Levin, 2nd at New Zealand GP. F2:
       (won at Clermont Ferrand and Zolder)
1965 - 6 F1 GP (Brabham), 5 points, J11th. (4th France, 5th Holland).
1966 - 9 F1 GP (Brabham), 18 points, 4th. (2nd Britain, 3rd France, Italy,
       Mexico). 2nd at Le Mans (Ford GT40), with Ken Miles. Won Tourist
       trophy and Martini International (Lola)
1967 - 11 F1 GP (Brabham), 51 points, World Champion. 2 wins (Monaco,
       Germany). (2nd France, Britain, Canada, 3rd Holland, US, Mexico)
1968 - 12 F1 GP (McLaren), 33 points, 3rd. 2 wins (Italy, Canada). (2nd
       Spain, 4th Britain, 5th France, Monaco). Won International Trophy. 3rd
       in Race of Champions. Can-Am champion (Can-Am), 3 wins: Elkhart Lake,
       Edmonton, Las Vegas (35 points)
1969 - 11 F1 GP (McLaren), 20 points, 6th. 1 win (Mexico). (3rd S.Africa,
       4th Spain, Holland, 6th Monaco). 2nd in Can-Am (McLaren), 5 wins:
       Mont Tremblant, Edmonton, Lexington, Bridgehampton, Riverside. 160 pts
1970 - 11 F1 GP (McLaren), 27 points, 4th. (2nd S.Africa, 3rd Britain, 
       Germany, Mexico, 4th Monaco, France, Italy). Can-Am champion (McLaren)
       132 points, 6 wins: Watkins Glen, Edmonton, Lexington, Donnybrooke,
       Laguna Seca, Riverside
1971 - 10 F1 GP (McLaren), 9 points, J10th. (4th Monaco, Canada, 5th Spain,
       6th S.Africa). 2nd Can-Am (McLaren), 132 points. 3 wins: Mosport,
       Edmonton, Riverside
1972 - 12 F1 GP (McLaren), 39 points, 3rd. 1 win (S.Africa). (2nd Argentina,
       Austria, 3rd Belgium, Italy, Canada, US, 5th Britain). 2nd Can-Am
       (McLaren), 65 points, 1 win (Mosport)
1973 - 15 F1 GP (McLaren), 26 points, 6th. 1 win (Sweden). (3rd Brazil,
       Britain, 4th US, 5th Argentina, S.Africa, 6th Spain, Monaco)
1974 - 15 F1 GP (McLaren), 20 points, 7th. 1 win (Argentina). (2nd Austria,
       6th Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Canada)
1978 - Touring cars and Truck Racing
1993 - While racing in Bathurst 1000km, he pulled his BMW M3 off the track
       and parked next to barrier. For a while nothing happened, but was
       found to be dead from a heart-attack when marshals arrived