Hawthorn, John Michael "Mike" (GB)

b 10/4/1929 (Mexborough) - d 22/1/1959 (Guildford)

1951 - debut circuit race in Riley. Won Leinster Trophy, Ulster Handicap and
       Brooklands Memorial Trophy for success at Goodwood
1952 - 5 F1 GP (4 LD Hawthorn, 1 AHM Bryde, all Cooper-Bristol), 10 points,
       J4th. (3rd GB GP, 4th Belgium, Holland)
1953 - 8 F1 GP (Ferrari), 19 points, 4th. 1 win (France). (3rd German, Swiss
       GPs, 4th Argentina, Holland, Italy, 5th Britain). Won International
       Trophy and Ulster Trophy at Dundrod. Won Spa 24Hrs with Farina. Won
       BRDC Gold Star
1954 - 8 F1 GP (Ferrari), 25 points, 3rd. 1 win (Spain). (2nd British,
       Italian GPs, shared 2nd Germany). Crashed at Syracuse and received
       serious leg and arm burns. Controversy in UK over exclusion from
       National Service due to Kidney ailment. Won at Pedralbes
1955 - 5 F1 GP (2 Vandervell, 3 Ferrari), 0 points. (shared 6th Britain).
       Won Le Mans 24 Hrs (Jaguar) with Bueb.
1956 - 4 F1 GP (3 Owen Racing/BRM, 1 Vandervell), 4 points, J11th. (3rd
       Argentina). DNS Monaco - engine problems in practice
1957 - 6 F1 GP (Ferrari), 13 points, 4th. (2nd Germany, 3rd Britain, 4th
       France, 6th Italy)
1958 - 10 F1 GP (Ferrari), 42 points, World Champion. 1 win (France).
       (2nd Belgium, GB, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, 3rd Argentina, 5th NL).
       Retired from racing
1959 - On a rainy morning, lost control of Jaguar near Guildford, and
       killed when car hit tree