Guerrero, Roberto (Col/USA)

b 16/11/1958 (Medellin, Columbia)

Emigrated to the USA

1970 - Started karting. Raced until 1976 in kart in Columbia and the USA,
       winning two titles.
1977 - Won 5 of 6 races at the Jim Russell Race Driving School.
1978 - British FF1600: 5th, 8 wins
1979 - British F3 (Anglia Cars Argo-Toyota JM3): 9th, 15 pts. European F3
       (Argo-Toyota JM3): 25th, 2 pts.
1980 - British F3 (Argo), J2nd (95 pts), 5 wins (Thruxton x2, Cadwell Park, 
       Brands Hatch, Oulton Park, Mallory Park)
1981 - F2 (Maurer Motorsport Maurer-BMW MM81): 7th, 16 pts
       Silverstone		ret/21 laps/electrical
       Hockenheim		10th
       Thruxton			1st
       Nόrburgring		ret/7 laps/accident with Necchi
       Vallelunga		ret/38 laps/gearbox
       Mugello			6th
       Pau			ret/44 laps/accident
       Enna-Pergusa		4th
       Spa			ret/11 laps/fuel pump
       Donington		ret/1 lap/rocker arm
       Misano			4th
       Mantorp Park		ret/43 laps/gearbox
1982 - F1 (Ensign): 0 points
       Race		       Qual	    Race
       South Africa            DNP, contractual problems between Maurer and Mo Nunn.
       Brazil                  DNQ
       USA-W                   19th         ret/27/crashed
       San Marino              DNA (race boycotted by British teams)
       Belgium                 DNQ
       Monaco                  DNQ
       USA-E                   11th         ret/6 laps/accident with Patrese and De Angelis
       Canada                  20th         ret/2 laps/clutch
       Netherlands             DNQ
       Britain                 19th         ret/3 laps/engine
       France                  DNQ
       Germany                 21st         8th
       Austria                 16th         ret/6 laps/spun off
       Switzerland             19th         ret/4 laps/engine
       Italy                   18th         NC
       USA-Las Vegas           15th 	    DNS, engine blown in warm-up.
       IMSA: 3h Daytona (BMW M1, & D.Montoya), 10th.
1983 - F1 (Theodore-Ford N183): 0 points
       Brazil                  14th         NC
       USA-W                   18th         ret/27 laps/gearbox
       France                  22nd         ret/23 laps/engine
       San Marino              21st         ret/3 laps/accident with Sullivan
       Monaco                  DNPQ
       Belgium                 14th         ret/23 laps/engine
       USA-E                   11th         NC
       Canada                  21st         ret/27 laps/engine
       Britain                 21st         16th 
       Germany                 24th         ret/1 lap/engine
       Austria                 21st         ret/25 laps/gearbox
       Netherlands             20th         12th
       Italy                   21st         13th
       Europe                  21st         12th
1984 – CART (Bignotti-Cotter March 84C-Cosworth): 11th, 52 pts, Rookie of the Year.
       Race                    Qual         Result
       Long Beach              5th          ret/10 laps/engine
       Phoenix                 10th         ret/33 laps/injector
       Indy 500                7th          2nd 
       Milwaukee               22nd         ret/85 laps/accident
       Portland                3rd          ret/37 laps/gearbox
       Meadowlands             6th          ret/16 laps/accident
       Cleveland               3rd          5th
       Michigan                9th          5th
       Road America            2nd          11th
       Pocono                  6th          ret/19 laps/accident
       Mid-Ohio                11th         ret/58 laps/suspension 
       Sanair                  3rd          ret/1 lap/gearbox
       Michigan                15th         ret/16 laps/engine
       Phoenix                 8th          ret/46 laps/accident
       Laguna Seca             9th          7th
       Las Vegas               9th          6th
1985 – CART (Bignotti-Cotter March 85C-Cosworth): 17th, 34 pts.
       Long Beach              8th          ret/3 laps/suspension
       Indy 500                16th         3rd
       Milwaukee               5th          6th
       Portland                7th          ret/68 laps/accident
       Meadowlands             DNS, crashed in practice.
       Cleveland               15th         19th
       Michigan                15th         ret/204 laps/gearbox
       Road America            5th          ret/25 laps/puncture
       Pocono                  13th         ret/113 laps/engine
       Mid-Ohio                14th         ret/35 laps/broken exhaust
       Sanair                  2nd          ret/28 laps/accident
       Michigan                17th         ret/53 laps/engine
       Laguna Seca             3rd          4th
       Phoenix                 16th         ret/59 laps/engine
       Miami                   10th         ret/1 lap/accident
       IMSA (March 85G-Buick): with Lammers
       3h Miami                9th          9th
1986 – CART (Bignotti-Cotter March 86C-Cosworth): 9th, 87 pts.
       Phoenix                 15th         8th
       Long Beach              DNS, engine.
       Indy 500                8th          4th
       Milwaukee               6th          ret/173 laps/engine
       Portland                3rd          ret/65 laps/accident
       Meadowlands             3rd          4th
       Cleveland               9th          ret/32 laps/driveshaft
       Toronto                 6th          ret/61 laps/brakes
       Michigan                4th          ret/47 laps/accident
       Pocono                  7th          ret/23 laps/engine
       Mid-Ohio                6th          2nd
       Sanair                  7th          ret/118 laps/accident
       Michigan                2nd          ret/19 laps/engine
       Road America            24th         4th
       Laguna Seca             6th          5th
       Phoenix                 8th          ret/179 laps/engine
       Miami                   1st          2nd, ran out of fuel at the last lap.
1987 – CART (Vince Granatelli Racing March 87C-Cosworth); 4th, 106 pts.
       Long Beach              2nd          ret/88 laps/engine
       Phoenix                 21st         1st
       Indy 500                5th          2nd
       Milwaukee               1st          ret/178 laps/engine
       Portland                1st          ret/10 laps/engine
       Meadowlands             4th          ret/68 laps/flat tire
       Cleveland               1st          5th
       Toronto                 2nd          4th
       Michigan                11th         ret/211 laps/engine
       Pocono                  4th          3rd
       Road America            2nd          7th
       Mid-Ohio                1st          1st
       A crash while testing at Indy left him in coma for 17 days and his season ended.
       IMSA (Zakspeed USA Ford Mustang Probe): with E.Fittipaldi
       3h Miami                14th         ret/56 laps
1988 – CART (Vince Granatelli Racing LolaT88/00-Chevrolet): 12th, 40 pts.
       Phoenix                 2nd          2nd
       Long Beach              10th         ret/41 laps/engine
       Indy 500                12th         ret/1 lap/accident
       Milwaukee               DNQ
       Portland                23th         14th
       Cleveland               15th         ret/51 laps/engine
       Michigan                16th         ret/99 laps/engine
       Pocono                  16th         3rd
       Mid-Ohio                14th         11th
       Road America            12th         ret/10 laps/engine
       Nazareth                11th         6th
       Laguna Seca             13rd         ret/67 laps/spun off
       Miami                   19th         ret/1 lap/accident
       Took 7 race sabbatical when performance dropped
1989 – CART (Alex Morales Motorsport March 89CE-Alfa Romeo): 22nd, 6 pts.
       Missed the first few races of the season, including Indy 500 when Alfa Romeo 
       declared itself unready for competition.
       Detroit                 22nd         8th
       Portland                23rd         ret/26 laps/fuel injection
       Cleveland               21st         13th
       Meadowlands             27th         ret/70 laps/suspension
       Toronto                 19th         ret/4 laps/oil leak
       Michigan                27th         ret/99 laps/engine
       Pocono                  22nd         16th
       Mid-Ohio                16th         12th
       Road America            20th         ret/17 laps/clutch
       Nazareth                16th         ret/1 lap/accident
       Laguna Seca             21st         ret/23 laps/spun off
1990 – CART (Patrick Racing): 16th, 24 pts.
       (March 90CA-Alfa Romeo):
       Phoenix                 16th          ret/145 laps/accident
       Long Beach              19th          14th 
       Indy 500                28th          ret/118 laps/suspension
       Milwaukee               21st          ret/88 laps/suspension
       Detroit                 18th          ret/24 laps/engine
       Portland                16th          8th
       Cleveland               17th          ret/31 laps/gearbox
       Meadowlands             19th          ret/87 laps/gearbox
       (Lola T90/00-Alfa Romeo):
       Michigan                25th          5th
       Denver                  11th          ret/67 laps/gearbox
       Vancouver               10th          ret/29 laps/accident
       Mid-Ohio                15th          ret/34 laps/clutch
       Road America            12th          8th
       Nazareth                9th           9th
       Laguna Seca             16th          ret/75 laps/fire
1991 – CART
       (Patrick Racing Lola T91/00-Alfa Romeo):
       Indy 500                28th          ret/23 laps/accident
       (Kenny Bernstein Lola T91/00-Buick):
       Detroit                 14th          15th
       (Fendi Team Lola T91/00-Cosworth):
       Toronto                 18th          ret/3 laps/fire
       (Kenny Bernstein Lola T91/00-Buick):
       Denver                  14th          ret/37 laps/spun off
       Laguna Seca             22nd          18th
1992 – CART (Kenny Bernstein): 36th, 1 pt. Pole at Indy 500. 
       (Lola T91/00-Buick):
       Long Beach              14th          ret/69 laps/electrical
       (Lola T93/00-Buick):
       Indy 500                1st           ret/0 laps/crashed on warm-up lap
1993 – CART (Kenny Bernstein Lola T93/07-Chevrolet): 14th, 39 pts.
       Surfers Paradise        15th          ret/49/transmission
       Phoenix                 4th           ret/162/wheel bearing
       Long Beach              18th          5th
       Indy 500                10th          ret/125/accident
       Milwaukee               10th          7th
       Detroit                 18th          ret/18/suspension
       Portland                17th          ret/47/accident
       Cleveland               18th          ret/1/accident
       Toronto                 14th          10th
       Michigan                11th          7th
       Loudon                  5th           4th
       Road America            12th          ret/33/engine
       Vancouver               18th          11th
       After Vancouver dropped by team
1994 - CART (Pagan Racing Lola T93/00-Buick):
       Indy 500		       20th	     ret/20 laps/accident
1995 – CART (Pagan Racing Reynard 941-Mercedes): 32nd, 1 pt.
       Phoenix                 25th          16th
       Indy 500                13th          12th
1996 - IRL (Pagan Racing Reynard 941-Ford): 4th, 234 pts.
       Orlando                 2nd           5th
       Phoenix                 3rd           ret/89/engine
       Indy 500                6th           5th (crashed in multiple pile-up last corner!)
       Loudon                  18th          6th
       Las Vegas               9th           4th
1997 – IRL (Pagan Racing): 7th, 221 pts.
       Orlando                 17th          ret/56/fuel pump
       Phoenix                 10th          7th
       Indy 500                19th          ret/25/steering
       Texas                   15th          13th
       Pikes Peak              5th           ret/85/accident
       Charlotte               7th           ret/141/accident
       Loudon                  10th          6th
       Las Vegas               18th          ret/197/accident
1998 – IRL: 26th, 83 pts.
       (Pagan Racing Dallara-Oldsmobile):
       Orlando                 6th           ret/13/accident
       Phoenix                 11th          ret/44/transmission
       Indy 500                9th           22nd
       Texas                   8th           ret/4/accident
       (Price Cobb Racing G.Force-Oldsmobile):
       Pikes Peak              10th          ret/106/ignition
       Atlanta                 28th          ret/133/clutch
       Texas MS                18th          4th
       Las Vegas               18th          ret/123/accident
1999 – IRL (Price Cobb Racing G-Force Infiniti): 30th, 36 pts.
       Orlando                 12th          13th
       Phoenix                 11th          ret/160/accident
       Indy 500                25th          ret/105/engine
       Team closed due to financial problems.
2000 – IRL: 44th, 7 pts.
       (A.J.Foyt Racing Dallara/G.Force-Oldsmobile):
       Indy 500                DNQ
       (Team Coulson G.Force-Oldsmobile):
       Kentucky                25th          ret/48/engine
       NASCAR Busch Series: Tested an Hispanic Racing Team car at Gateway in early 
       April, but crashed, breaking his right scapula and cracking two ribs. At the 
       mid of the season, drove at Gateway 300, but DNQ.
2001 – IRL (Dick Simon Racing Dallara-Oldsmobile):
       Indy 500                DNQ