Ginther, Richie (USA)

b 5/8/1930 (Hollywood) - d 28/9/1989 (near Bordeaux, France)

1951 - Raced MG. Military service as an aviation mechanic.
1953 - Shared Phil Hill's Ferrari on Carrera Panamericana (crashed). Raced
       MG in SCCA races, and Formula Sport.
1954 - 2nd on Carrera Panamericana (Allen Guiberson Ferrari), with P.Hill.
1955 - Engaged as a mechanic by Ferrari.
1957 - Le Mans 24 Hrs (Equipe Los Amigos Ferrari): retired, with Picard.
       Sebring 12 Hrs (Temple Buell Ferrari): 10th & class win, with H.Hively.
1958 - Sebring 12 Hrs (Van Neumann Ferrari): retired, with van Neumann.
1959 - Sebring 12 Hrs (Ferrari): 9th (1st GT class) with H.Hively.
1960 - 3 F1 GP (Ferrari), 8 points, J8th. (2nd Monza, 6th Monaco, Holland).
       2nd on non-championship Modena GP in front engined F2 car. 2nd on 
       Buenos Aires 1000km (Ferrari), with Von Trips. retired Targa Florio with
       von Trips, retired Nurburgring with W.Mairesse, retired Le Mans 24 Hrs
       with W.Mairesse.
1961 - 7 F1 GP (Ferrari), 16 points, 5th. (2nd Monaco, 3rd Belgium, GB). 
       Sebring 12 Hrs (Ferrari): retired with von Trips, 2nd with W.Mairesse &
       G.Baghetti. Targa Florio (Ferrari): retired, with P.Hill. Nurburgring
       1000 km (Ferrari): 3rd with P.Hill & W.von Trips. Le Mans 24 Hrs 
       (Ferrari): retired, with W.von Trips. Pescara 4 Hrs (Ferrari): retired,
       with G.Baghetti.
1962 - 9 F1 GP (Owen Racing/BRM), 10 points, 8th. (2nd Italy, 3rd France).
       Le Mans 24 Hrs (Aston Martin): retired, with G.Hill.
1963 - 10 F1 GP (Owen Racing/BRM), 29 points, J2nd. (2nd Monaco, Italy, US).
       Sebring 12 Hrs (Rosebud Racing Team Ferrari): 6th, with I.Ireland. Le
       Mans 24 Hrs (BRM Turbine): 7th, with G.Hill.
1964 - 10 F1 GP (Owen Racing/BRM), 23 points, 5th (2nd Monaco, Austria).
       Sebring 12 Hrs (Precision Motor Cars Porsche): retired, with Bucknum.
       Nurburgring 1000 km (Porsche): 5th, with J.Bonnier. Le Mans 24 Hrs
       (Ford): retired, with M.Gregory. Reims 12 Hrs (Ford): retired, with
       M.Gregory. Tourist Trophy (Maranello Concessionaires Ferrari): 1st, with
1965 - 8 F1 GP (Honda), 11 points, 7th. 1 win (Mexico), (6th Belgium, NL).
       Daytona 2000 km (Shelby American Ford): 3rd, with B.Bondurant. Sebring
       12 Hrs (Shelby American Ford): retired, with P.Hill.
1966 - 5 F1 GP (2 Cooper, 3 Honda), 5 points, 11th (5th Belgium, 4th Mexico).
       Daytona 24 Hrs (Holman & Moody Ford): retired, with Bucknum. Nurburging
       1000 km (NART Ferrari): 3rd, with P.Rodriguez. Le Mans 24 Hrs (NART 
       Ferrari): retired with P.Rodriguez.
1967 - DNQ Monaco GP (Anglo American Racers - Eagle-Weslake). 2nd in Race
       of Champions. Retired during qualifying for Indianapolis 500.
1989 - Died of a heart-attack while holidaying in France, shortly after
       attending BRM 40'th anniversary celebrations at Donington