'Gimax' (Carlo Virginio Franchi) (I)

b 1/1/1938 (Lainate) - d 13/1/2021

Father of Gimax Jr.

1974 - Sportscars: 21st in Monza 1000km (Chevron Ford-Cosworth B23), with
1975 - Sportscars: 10th in Monza 1000km (Chevron Ford-Cosworth B21), with
1976 - Sportscars (March-BMW 75S): 10th Monza 4 Hrs, 8th Imola 500 km,
       3rd Enna 4 Hrs, with S.Sterzel
1977 - Sportscars: DNA Mugello 6 Hrs (Porsche 911S) with E.Grasso. DNF Monza
       500 km (Lola-BMW T296), with G.Anzeloni. DNF Vallelunga 400 km (Osella
       Armaroli PA5), with C.Turizio. DNA Imola 250 km (March-BMW 75S).
1978 - DNQ Italian GP (Team Surtees TS20)
1979 - Sportscars: 8th Mugello 6 Hrs (Osella-BMW PA7), with G.Palazzoli & 
1980 - Sportscars: 3rd Mugello 6 Hrs, 1st in class (Osella-BMW PA7), 9th 
       Monza 6 Hrs, 1st in class (Osella-BMW PA8) with M.M.Gallo. 6th
       Vallelunga 6 Hrs (Osella-BMW PA8), with C.Francisci.
1981 - Sportscars: 14th Mugello 6 Hrs, 3rd Monza 1000 Km, 3rd Enna Coppa 
       Florio (Osella-BMW PA9), with L.Moreschi
1982 - Sportscars: DNS Monza 1000km (Jolly Club Osella-BMW PA9-82), with 
       C.Facetti & M.Finotto. DNF Mugello 1000km with S.Cinotti & G.Piazzi.
1983 - Sportscars: 14th Monza 1000km (Jolly Club Osella-Carma Giannini
       PA9-82) with M.Finotto & C.Facetti. 8th Imola 1000 km, 7th Mugello 
       1000km (Dallara Lancia LC1) with O.Larrauri
1984 - Sportscars: DNF Mugello 1000 km (Porsche 935 [9307700906]) with
       V.Coggiola, G.Mussato.

       Also drove in Italian F3 in the 1980's.

There were two Gimax's, Gimax Jr and Gimax. Gimax Jr was Carlo Franchi Jr,
and Gimax was Carlo Franchi. Perhaps this is the source of confusion with
birthdates - some suggest Gimax was born in 1935, some suggest 14/4/1957 (or