Fangio, Juan Manuel (RA)

b 24/6/1911 (Balcarce, Buenos Aires) - d 17/7/95 (Balcarce)

1927 - Survived near fatal attack of Pleurisy
1932 - National Service
1936 - Drove seven year old Model A Ford taxi in race at Benito Juarez under
       name "Rivadavia", to try and disguise this activity from parents
1940 - won 5,900 mile Grand Premio del Norte road race, financially
       supported by people of home town of Balcarce. Argentine road-racing
1941 - Argentine road-racing champion
1949 - Won first race at San Remo. Also won at Perpignan, Marseilles, Pau,
       Albi, Monza.
1950 - 6 F1 GP (Alfa), 27 points, 2nd. 3 wins (Monaco, Belgium, France).
       Non-championship events: won Pescara, Geneva & San Remo GPs for Alfa,
       Pau and Angouleme for Maserati
1951 - 7 F1 GP (Alfa), 31 points, World Champion. 3 wins (Swiss GP,
       Spanish GP, shared win in French GP)
1952 - Won six Libre events in South America. Crashed Maserati in non-
       championship Monza GP; thrown from car, suffering concussion and
       broken neck vertebra. Convalesced for rest of season
1953 - 8 F1 GP (Maserati), 28 points, 2nd. 1 win (Italy). 2nd France, 
       Germany, Britain. Won non-championship Modena GP. Won Carrera
       Panamericana in works Lancia
1954 - 8 F1 GP (2 Maserati, 6 Daimler Benz), 42 points, World Champion
       6 wins (Argentina, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy).
       4th Britain, 3rd Spain
1955 - 6 F1 GP (Daimler Benz), 40 points, World Champion. 4 wins (Argentina,
       Belgium, Holland, Italy), 2nd Britain. Thought to have allowed S.Moss
       to win British GPs, and Kling the non-championship GP at Avus. He
       never admitted it.
1956 - 7 F1 GP (Ferrari), 30 points, World Champion. 3 wins (Argentina 
       (shared drive), Britain, Germany)
1957 - 7 F1 GP (Maserati), 40 points, World Champion. 4 wins (Argentina,
       Monaco, France, Germany). (2nd Pescara, Italian GPs)
1958 - 2 F1 GP (1 Scuderia Sud Americana, 1 own entrant), 7 points, 14th.
       (4th Argentina, France, + F/L + Pole Argentina). Won Libre Buenos
       Aires GP. Qualified for Indy 500, but unhappy with machine and
       returned home (missed fatal first lap crash). The 4th place in France
       completed without clutch for most of race. retired.