Fagioli, Luigi (I) The Old Abruzzi Robber

b 9/6/1898 (Osimo, Ancona) - d 20/6/1952 (Monaco)

1930 - joined Maserati
1933 - joined Ferrari. Won Pescara, Commingues, Marseilles & Italian GPs
1934 - Won Italian & Spanish GPs (Mercedes Benz)
1935 - Won Monaco, Avus & Barcelona GPs (Mercedes Benz)
1936 - Drove for Mercedes
1937 - 5th at Tripoli for Auto Union
1950 - 6 F1 GP (Alfa Romeo), 24 points (2nd GB, Swiss, Belgian & French GPs)
1951 - 1 F1 GP (Alfa Romeo), 4.5 points (shared win with Fangio in France -
       last straw for Fagioli, never raced a GP again). Won class in
       Mille Miglia in own OSCA
1952 - Won class on Mille Miglia in Lancia Aurelia (3rd overall). Crashed
       in Monaco sportscar GP, and hit stone balustrade. Thrown out, broke
       arm and leg, and taken unconcious to hospital. After apparantly
       recovering, relapsed three weeks later and died of complete failure
       of nervous system