Fabi, Corrado (I)

b 12/4/1961 (Milan)

Teo Fabi's younger brother

1970-1978 - Karting
1979 - half a season in Italian F3 (March-Toyota 783): 10th, 8 pts.
1980 - European F3 (Euroracing March-Alfa Romeo 803): 3rd, 60 pts, 
       2 wins (Mugello, Knutsdorp)
1981 - F2 (Works March 812-BMW); 4th, 29 pts:
       Silverstone                               3rd 
       Hockenheim                                ret/3 laps/accident damage
       Thruxton                                  ret/5 laps/accident
       Nürburgring                               3rd
       Vallelunga                                4th
       Mugello                                   1st
       Pau                                       ret/36 laps/brakes
       Enna-Pergusa                              ret/35 laps/engine
       Spa                                       4th
       Donington                                 2nd
       Misano                                    ret/16 laps/accident
       Mantorp Park                              7th
       Mugello 6 Hrs (BMW Italia BMW M1): 8th, 155 laps/out of fuel, with C.Danner.
1982 - F2 (Works March 822-BMW): Champion, 57 pts:
       Silverstone                               ret/10 laps/gearbox
       Hockenheim                                3rd
       Thruxton                                  20th (ret/45 laps/distributor)
       Nürburgring                               2nd
       Mugello                                   1st
       Vallelunga                                1st
       Pau                                       ret/43 laps/wheel studs
       Spa                                       5th
       Hockenheim                                1st
       Donington                                 1st
       Mantorp Park                              ret/55 laps/accident
       Enna-Pergusa                              ret/31 laps/engine
       Misano                                    1st
       Mugello 1000 km (Martini Racing Lancia LC1): 2nd, with A.Nannini.
1983 - F1 (Osella FA1D-Cosworth): 0 pts
       Venue			   Q		  R
       Brazil                      24th           ret/17 laps/engine
       USA-W                       DNQ
       France                      23rd           ret/36 laps/engine
       San Marino                  26th           ret/20 laps/spun off
       Monaco                      DNQ
       Belgium                     24th           ret/19 laps/wheel
       USA-E                       DNQ
       Canada                      25th           ret/26 laps/engine
       (Osella FA1E-Alfa Romeo):
       Britain                     DNQ
       Germany                     DNQ
       Austria                     26th           10th
       Netherlands                 25th           11th (ret/68 laps/engine)
       Italy                       25th           ret/45 laps/engine
       Europe                      DNQ
       South Africa                25th           ret/28 laps/engine
1984 - F1 (Motor Racing Developments Brabham BT35-BMW): 0 pts
       Monaco                      15th           ret/9 laps/electrics
       Canada                      16th           ret/39 laps/turbo
       USA-Dallas                  11th           7th 
       CART (Forsythe Racing Lola T800-Cosworth): 28th, 11 pts
       Mid-Ohio                    13th           ret/23 laps/gearbox
       Sanair                      9th            10th
       Phoenix                     6th            6th
       Las Vegas                   14th           ret/24 laps/broken exhaust
       His father passed away and he retired to take care of the family business, 
       disappointed with his F1 experience.
1987 - F3000 (Genoa Racing March 87B-Cosworth): missed the first few races due to a 
       broken wrist
       Donington                   25th           ret/driver fatigue
       Enna-Pergusa                DNQ
       After this experience, he retired for good and returned to business life.