Castellotti, Eugenio (I)

b 10/10/1930 (Milan) - d 14/3/1957 (Modena)

1952 - Ferrari sportscars: won Portuguese GP, 3rd Bari GP, 2nd Monaco GP,
       class win on Circuit of Sicily
1953 - Won Italian Mountain championships, Messina 10 Hrs (Ferrari), 3rd on
       Carrera Panamericana (Lancia)
1954 - Lancia sportscars
1955 - 6 F1 GP (3 Lancia, 3 Ferrari), 12 points. 2nd Monaco (Lancia). 
       Non-championship GPs: 4th Turin, 2nd Pau (both Lancia)
1956 - 2 F1 GP (Ferrari). retired from both Argentine & Monaco GPs. Won
       Mille Miglia, Sebring 12 Hrs, 2nd Nurburgring 1000km (last two with
1957 - shared 1st and 3rd placed cars in Buenos Aires 1000km. Killed testing
       Ferrari at Modena in wet: crashed into concrete barrier