Campos, Adrian (E)

b 17/6/1960 (Valencia)

1986 - 6 F3000 races
1987 - 16 F1 races (Minardi), 0 points. DSQ Brazil (incorrect start). 14th
       Spanish GP (only finish)
1988 - 5 F1 attempts (Minardi), 0 points. DNQ=3, 16th Imola
1993 - Spanish Touring Cars
1994 - Spanish Touring Cars: Champion
1995 - Spanish Supertouring (Alfa), 2 wins (R1&2 Albacete 2nd visit), (4th
       R2 Jarama, R1 Barcelona, R2 Estoril, R2 Albacete, 5th R1 Jarama, R1
1997 - Le Mans 24 Hrs (Pilot Racing (RFR Sport) Ferrari 333SP), ret/out of
       fuel, with M.Ferte & C.Nearburg. 2nd Race 2 in Le Mans Autumn Cup with
       M.Ferte (Ferrari 333SP). International Sports Racing Series (Pilot
       Racing Ferrari 333SP) with M.Ferte at Donington Park, ret, out of fuel,
       76 laps