Berg, Allen (Cdn)

b 1/8/1961 (Calgary)

1982 - North American F.Atlantic Winter Pacific series champion
1983 - British F3, Switched to Eddie Jordan Racing. Won at Silverstone.
1984 - British F3 (Jordan), 2nd. Never won a race
1986 - 9 F1 races (Osella), 0 points. Best finish 12th (Germany)
1991 - German Touring Cars (Own Entrant)
1993 - Mexican F2 champion (1st Saltillo, Queretaro, 4th San Luis Potosi). 
       Mexican Prototipi Championship with F.Guerrero (2nd Mexico City)
1994 - Mexican F2, (1st Queretero, 1st Aquacalientes, 1st San Luis Potosi). 
       Won last round of Mexican Prototipi series with J.Morales, 3rd 
       Guadalajara, 4th Saltillo)
1995 - Mexican F3, 97 points, 3rd, 2 wins (Guadalajara, Monterrey), (3rd 
       Tangamanga, 2nd Monterrey (1st visit), 4th Puebla, 2nd Mexico City)
1996 - Mexican F3 (Sentra Racing), J4th, 67 pts, 1 win (Guadalajara).
2001 - Mexican ILP/Formula de las Americas: 145 pts, Champion (3rd Chihuahua, 
       1st Guadalajara, 2nd San Luis Potosi, 5th Monterrey, 1st Guadalajara, 
       1st Zacatecas)