Barbazza, Fabrizio (I)

b 4/4/1963 (Monza)

1985 - Italian F3, 3rd
1986 - Won American Racing Series
1987 - Indycars, 12th overall. 3rd in Indianapolis 500
1988 - F3000
1989 - F3000
1990 - F3000
1991 - 12 F1 attempts (AGS), DNQ=12
1992 - 2 Indycar races (Arceiro Racing (Lola-Buick))       
1993 - 8 F1 races (Minardi), 2 points (6th European, San Marino)
1995 - IMSA (Ferrari 333SP): at Road Atlanta Barbazza span to avoid two
       spinning Porsche's, but as his car ran back across the track, Jermey
       Dale exited the corner in a Brix Spice Oldsmobile and hit the car
       broadside at 100mph. Barbazza's car split in two. Barbazza sustained
       head injuries, and went into a sedative induced coma. Also suffered
       a collapsed lung, and a broken arm and leg. Recuperated a year later,
       he then ran a fishing resort in Cuba.