Arundell, Peter (GB)

b 8/11/1933 (Ilford) - d 16/06/2009

1957 - Raced MG TC
1958 - Raced Lotus XI
1959 - Raced Lola sports car. Won end of season Junior race in front engined
1960 - Formula Junior (Lotus), occasionally beat Jim Clark (team-mate)
1961 - F.Junior (Lotus). Won at Monaco F.Junior race
1962 - Won F.Junior championship (18 wins/25 starts)
1963 - British F3 Champion. 1 WC F1 GP, French GP (Lotus). Practiced, 
       but drove in Junior event. Finished 2nd in Solitude and Mediterranean 
       non-championship F1 GPs
1964 - 4 F1 races (Lotus), 11 points (3rd Monaco, Holland, 4th France)
       Non-championship F1 races: 2nd Goodwood, 3rd Aintree 300 &
       Syracuse GP. F2: 3rd Pau, 2nd Mallory Park, 4th London Trophy.
       Involved in crash at Reims, hit by Ginther. Broke arm, thigh,
       colarbone when thrown from car, severe concussion
1966 - 8 F1 races (Lotus), 1 point (6th US GP). 3rd in non-championship
       S.African GP. F2: 2nd at Eifelrennen
1968 - Raced Alan Mann's Escort
1969 - Raced F3 (McNamara) & Formula Vee