Amati, Giovanna

b 20/7/1962 (Rome)

Daughter of a wealthy Italian industrialist, Giovanna competed regularly in Italian national racing before reaching her limit in F3000. In 1992, she paid her way into the cash-strapped Motor Racing Developments Ltd (Brabham) car, where she failed to qualify for the South African, Mexican and Brazilian GPs. She was subsequently dropped. She was also kidnapped at one point, the kidnappers trying to extort money from her millionaire father.

1999 - International Sports Racing Series (Cauduro Tampolli Team Tampolli 
       RS2-RTA99), 3rd in SR2, 73 pts, with A.Lancelotti
       Mar 28  Barcelona               11th, -32 laps
       Apr 11  Monza                   6th, -12 laps
       May 16  Spa-Francorchamps       ret/37 laps/gearbox
       Jul 18  Donington Park          ret/16 laps/engine
       Aug 1   Brno                    ret/17 laps/engine
       Sep 5   Nurburgring             >10th (1st SR2 class) (& G.Knycz)
       Sep 19  Magny Cours             4th, 69 laps (1st SR2)
       (MMP Motorsport Pilbeam-Nissan MP84), with H.Groenewald & N.Blomm
       Nov 28  Kyalami                 15th, -5 laps (4th SR2)