GEL Internet Motorsport Directory

Due to the large number of email requests I get for addresses relating to all sorts of automobile/motor-racing pieces and paraphernalia, I decided it was about time I started a permanent directory rather than researching addressess all the time.

If you would like a simple listing in this directory, please submit your company's name, address, tel/fax number, email address and http addresses if you have them below using the mail option. Please also add to this the area of business you are dealing in. The address will be posted for one year before being deleted - if you wish to remain in the directory you will have to resubmit the address. This is to stop addresses which become defunct for whatever reason from clogging up the directory.

If you wish a graphic to be added, plus a short description, this can also be managed, although a fee of UK 10 pounds will be required, again for one year's display. The graphics can be submitted on a 3.5" PC disk in either GIF, JPG or BMP format (other formats can be supported, but this will not be guaranteed), or emailed in uuencoded form to the email address given below. Alternatively, I can scan in graphics from a submitted paper. This entails an extra UK 1 pound charge.

Click here to send an email.

Darren Galpin,