Australian Grand Prix
18 September 1949 - Leyburn: 150.5 miles (4.3 miles x 35 laps)

 1 John Crouch 			Delahaye 135 stripped		1h49m25.2, 82.528mph
 2 Ray 'Laddie' Gordon 		MG TC s/c stripped		1h54m12.2
 3 Arthur Rizzo 		Riley 1.5 Special		1h56m56.8 
 4 Peter Critchley 		MG TB 'Najar' Special		1h59m40 
 5 Allan Larsen 		Regal-Cadillac Special		1h59m53 
 6 Curley Brydon 		MG TC Special			2h00m08 
 7 Irwin 'Bud' Luke 		Bugatti T37			2h07m07.4 
 8 Theo Trevethan 		Ford V8 Special			2h11m14.4 
 9 H McGuire 			MG TC				2h16m53 
10 Col Robinson 		MG TC				2h20m59.6 
11 Jack Wright 			Vauxhall Ford V8 Special	2h24m36.8 

Fastest Lap: Crouch and Frank Kleinig, 2m52 (90mph) 

Did Not Finish
   Vic Johnson 			MG TC				27 laps/big end
   Dick Bland 			Ford V8 Special			26 laps/tyres
   Frank Kleinig 		Hudson 8 Special		21 laps/overheating
   John Nind 			MG TB Special			20 laps/con-rod
   Garry Coglan 		MG TC s/c			16 laps/piston
   Ken Tubman 			MG K3				12 laps/fuel
   Snow Sefton 			Strathpine Special Ford V8	11 laps/overheating
   Charlie Whatmore 		Studebaker Speedcar		10 laps/fuel
   Les Taylor 			MG TC				10 laps/siezed engine
   Keith Thallon 		Jaguar SS100			10 laps/big end
   Doug McDonald 		Bugatti Dodge			 9 laps/fuel line
   Keith Saunders 		Cadillac Special		 8 laps/con-rod
   Rex Law 			Buick Century Special		 8 laps/condensor
   Dick Cobden 			MG TC Special			 6 laps/clutch
   Arthur Bowes 		Hudson Speedcar			 5 laps/oil pump
   Ross Gray 			GK Ford V8 Special		 4 laps/ignition
   George Pearse 		MG TB				 2 laps/piston

Did Not Start
   John Pike 			Tritton Wolseley 25hp Special	practised, decided not to race because 
								of damage being done to new car by stones
   L. Johnson 			Lea Francis			arrived without car, just brought booze