Many people have helped me compile the results and information listed here, and I hope to acknowledge most of them here. I apologise if I have missed anyone off! I have also listed any books, magazines or web-pages I may have referred to at some point.


Felix MuelasJon HromadaMarc Zimmermann
Matthias FlattVasco SantosStefan Örnerdal
Barry BoorRudiger De JonghePetr Hubácek
Nicola MaglioliQuintin CloudTim Berghe
Don CappsHans EtzrodtMarco Rooney
Barry LakeJimmy PigetPeter Stowe
Ray BellTony KayeMike Argetsinger
Thomas KrimmerAndy MorrisRainer Nyberg


Ian Morrison: Guinness Motor Racing - The Records
Ian Morrison: Guinness Book of Formula One
Nigel Mansell: My Autobiography, Collins Willow
Peter Higham: The Guinness Guide To International Motor Racing
Timothy Collings: Schumacher, Bloomsbury
Steve Small: The Guinness Complete Grand Prix Who's Who, Volumes 1 and 2
Alan Henry: The Turbo Years, Crowood
Alan Henry: Damon Hill, On Top Of The World, PSL
Mike Lang: Grand Prix! Vol 4, 1981-84, Haynes
Doug Nye: History of the Grand Prix Car 1966-91, Hazleton
Doug Nye: History of the Grand Prix Car 1945-65, Hazleton
Doug Nye and Geoff Crammond: Classic Racing Cars, Haynes
Paul Lawrence and Peter Stow: Castle Combe - The First 50 Years, TFM
William Body: The History of Motor Racing, Book Club Associates
Ivan Rendall: The Power and the Glory, BBC Books
Paul Sheldon: A Record of Grand Prix and Voiturette Racing, vols 1, 5 and 6
Janos Wimpffen: Time and Two Seats, Motorsport Research Group
Autosport Magazine
Motorsport Magazine

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Web Pages

Leif Snellman's GP Page,
Benetton F1 page
Arrows F1 page

The site has also been used by other publications. Here is a list of publications in which it has been quoted as a source:

European Track Guide - supplement in Autosport, 2003.

Every Race Track In The World - article in issue 5 of Intersection magazine, 2003.